November 2015

Other Leagues

Go-Rilla Warfare: The Crown 2

Despite the fact that the Midwest has produced a number of top tier battle rappers over the years, the battle scene in the Midwest is often overshadowed by the more prominent presence of battle events that take place on the east and west coasts. Still, while the coasts have hold some memorable battles and host some entertaining events over the year, there have been a large number of events, albeit on a much larger scale, that have continued to go down in the Midwest. Now, this weekend, on November 21, 2015, Go-Rilla Warfare will host The Crown 2 event…

Don't Flop

Don’t Flop 7BW Preview

This weekend, Don’t Flop will hold its seventh birthday weekend (7BW) event which will host some of the biggest international battles of the year. While Don’t Flop’s sixth birthday event last year was pretty forgettable with few battles that would set it apart from any other Don’t Flop event of the year, this yearly event has hosted some memorable battles in the past and…

Hidden Gems

Copywrite vs. Danny Myers

For anyone who hasn’t heard, Dizaster recently hosted a Halloween themed battle event titled “Virus” where all of the participants wore costumes and took on alter egos for the battles. While the initial feedback from most of the people involved has been mostly positive, after the event, there has been a bit of controversy which has brought into question how much (if any) of the footage would be made available to the public. Thankfully, it looks like (at least some of) the battles will be released, as the first battle of the event, a showdown between Danny Myers and Copywrite has just been dropped…