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Got Bars?

One of the most appealing things about battle rap is that it offers some of the absolute best lyricism in the rap scene today. In this Bars section of the blog, we’ve compiled some of the most quote-worthy and notable bars from recent rap battles. Additionally, for each Bar, we’ve included the links to the exact moment when the lines were said in the corresponding battle, as well as the date which the battles were released on YouTube.

The standard view of this page lists the bars individually and is sorted by the dates which the battle was uploaded to YouTube. However, the table format can also be sorted in alphabetical order, based on the artist/rapper names by clicking on the top line of the table, which is titled as “artist.” The search function of the table also enables you to filter through these bars by searching for an artist’s names, which will then show only the bars said by that rapper. Altogether, this page should make it very easy to find some of the most memorable bars from recent battles, but if there are any hot bars that you think we’ve missed* and should be added to the list, you can email your suggestions to us at (*Please note that we’ve limited the bars to one quote per battler for each battle for this page in an attempt to be somewhat selective with our choices and limit repetitiveness.)


"Now that’s where we different, geek, cuz see, I been 'bout that action.
Thirty under the forty: that’s an improper fraction."
Ave vs. Rum Nitty (watch now)
March 28, 2016
Rum Nitty
"I’m dope, nigga. I’ll OD in this bitch if I come out the coat with it.
Then mark you out before the chest shot: Pulp Fiction.
If I whip the piece, your family’s fucked.
Headshot your mom’s sister; they gonna have to M.O.P. your auntie (Ante) Up."
Rum Nitty vs. Ave (watch now)
March 28, 2016
"I find out where they breakin’ bread, kick in the door, ready to blast suckers.
Jesus Christ, I’m the one that brought that 12 to the table: Last Supper.
I said Facts Gang, your man’s dyin’, but what’s the emotional faces for?
You’re actin’ like ya’ll ain’t never heard of the God punishin’ a snake before.
Plastic all around him before the head shot, the body’ll fall.
But left the crime scene atheist. That means I’ll be leavin’ (believe in) nothin’ at all."
Ryda vs. Snake Eyez (watch now)
March 22, 2016
Tink Tha Demon
"Tell Suge bald headed nephew:
The .38 special.
When I shoot a J (Jai) from 400 Blocks,
May God bless you."
Tink Tha Demon vs. Mike P watch now)
March 22, 2016
Mike P
"Saucin’ & you offerin’ a plate of some ribs.
Your child’s special? Then I’m givin’ 38 to the kid.
You try to run, bat break in your ribs.
Just cause we look like Rob & Big
Don’t mean I’m lettin’ dog skate in the crib."
Mike P vs. Tink Tha Demon (watch now)
March 22, 2016
Iron Solomon
"This Afghan a Stan (AFGHANISTAN).
Such a rabid (ARAB) fan.
Your whole style’s cut from someone else’s cloth, you Dapper Dan.
With a master plan to spit some multi-syllable shit.
To distract the fans while you spit some old silly bullshit.
Get out the kiddy pool Diz. You’re supposed to be an adult.
You keep getting’ old, but we don’t seem to see the results.
You just a lost boy, Peter Pan,
Whose punchlines never land.
When D’s in bad form, he needs a Hook to get a hand."
Iron Solomon vs. Dizaster (watch now)
March 22, 2016
"You the best freestyler? Explain how.
Yo, back in the day, if you didn’t recycle so much, you wouldn’t even have a name now.
And I’ma explain how.
You know the ‘You’re behind on California time’ you told Thesaurus?
That was the second time you recycled those same rounds.
Let’s play a game of ‘I Swear’ now.
Say ‘I swear on my newborn child I didn’t use those lines in a battle with Okwerdz that never came out.’
Look at his face now.
You look like you just got caught in a stupid lie.
You have a better chance of getting Sacha Cohen to show up here dressed up as Borat in a suit & tie.
Cuz that’s the only way this crowd gonna get to see another Arab get played by a Jewish guy."
Dizaster vs. Iron Solomon (watch now)
March 22, 2016
"You coulda kept it cordial,
But you’d rather have a forced order
Than people mourn for you.
Fuck who wit the shits.
I’ll gun butt him with the shit.
He’ll learn about Concussions from the Smith."
JC vs. J Murda (watch now)
March 10, 2016
Lu Cipher
"I’ll send him more bucks than the winner of WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE. Everything I do is irregular.
Off his (OFFICE) recent shit, we knew you was the WEAKEST LINK before Lu could embarrass ya.
I’m playin’ HOUSE OF CARDS in THE THICK OF IT. Nigga, I’m here to ruin your character.
It’s SHAMELSS, but I’ma steal the show cracker. That’s what we do in America."
Lu Cipher vs. Shox the Rebel (watch now)
March 5, 2016
John John Da Don
"Your life must be lonely and depressin’.
And your image sends that message
Like using emojis when you textin’.
I’ll get his address, then pop up at the home he be protectin’.
Cuz this metal made (maid) to sweep the crib like Rosie from the Jetsons."
John John Da Don vs. Young Kannon (watch now)
February 21, 2016
Young Kannon
"Leave the bullshit at home. Here, it won’t fly nigga.
K-Shine smoked you. You even let Prep go by nigga.
You remind me of Stringer Bell. You know why nigga?
Cuz you got killed by a fag and a bow tie nigga."
Young Kannon vs. John John Da Don (watch now)
February 21, 2016
Danny Myers
"I no longer have to punch these niggas.
A BALD HEADED man pre-MEDITATING murder when I'm amongst (A MONK) these niggas.
Ya’ll can boo this (BUDDHIST), but it won't cause my mind to worry.
Ya’ll must be on BUDDHA if you can't see between my TEMPLES lies a MONASTERY."
Danny Myers vs. Charlie Clips (watch now)
February 14, 2016
"This nigga came in the game frontin’ the King Pen. See old Jerome here the same as Ross.
How you get hit with the RICO nigga when you never paid the cost?
I don’t buy bull (BIBLE); that’s UNGODLY. PRAY, I just can’t ABSOLVE.
They call me GOD pen cuz this is how JESUS woulda came across (A CROSS)."
QP vs. Chilla Jones (watch now)
January 31, 2016
Chilla Jones
"Besides this battle, you ain’t got shit to lose.
What you gonna do?
Say that I’m boring and I make niggas snooze?
Say I stole my whole style from you, but you came wit some iller moves?
Then use bars from up-and-comers & say that that’s the shit that Chilla do?
That’s too predictable. It’s like you’re obsessed wit me.
Oddly, I bet you played this matchup out in your dreams prolly.
I’m just tryin’ to beat my last performance. It seems cocky.
Gotta make sure the punches heavy, the schemes godly.
But you really think I’m focused on QP?!?! Hardly!
I ain’t even see this bitch on the card, I’m Steve Harvey."
Chilla Jones vs. QP (watch now)
January 31, 2016
D Flamez
"See, these rounds goin’ round, it’s like titties on the move.
You tryin’ to put your city on the map. Nigga, I’ll put your city on the news!"
D Flamez vs. Riggz (watch now)
January 31, 2016
"But let you say so, you a mad clapper.
You just overloud, a mad rapper.
You a punk, a chump.
Your girl said you good for fuckin’ nothin,
You Jaz the Rapper.
But Flamez make it rain though, he be checkin’ for divas.
I’m in the Mexican hood, I be checkin’ fo’ heaters (fajitas)."
Riggz vs. D Flamez (watch now)
January 31, 2016
Bill Collector
"I’m gettin’ fat losin’ dead weight.
I wrote this round at Thanksgiving at the table when they said grace.
Bill’s style’s super, man - no red cape.
Yellin’ at a nigga through the bars; this scared straight."
Bill Collector vs. B-Magic (watch now)
January 19, 2016
"You ain’t ridin’ strapped. You got B.I.G. problems like Chris Wallace.
And you don’t need ‘em. You already got big problems.
There’s not an exercise bike that can exercise you.
Bro, if you fucked a girl on her period, you’d bend the frame on her menstrual cycle."
Unanymous vs. Big T (watch now)
January 16, 2016
Big T
"I don’t ask for suggestions. I heard your mother be on heroin, weed, pills, and raw snort.
So I’m here in the streets, flippin’ off shit: I’m doin’ parkour.
They like, ‘Big T, what you goin’ so hard for? That’s uncalled for.’
Cuz I’m runnin’ through the bricks like Harry Potter goin’ to Hogwarts."
Big T vs. Unanymous (watch now)
January 16, 2016
Bigg K
"At this point in life, just be happy you exist.
You got snuck, so what? Now stop actin’ like bitch.
Cuz ever since that happened, our conversations gettin’ hella short.
It’s like he mad at me cuz I didn’t teleport.
You askin’ me to pick sides. Sucka, relax.
I don’t know if they set you up or planned to jump you like that.
I’m supposed to stop battlin’ over there when they comin’ with racks?
When URL did me dirty, did you stop fuckin’ with Smack?
Nah, cuz that’s how Brooklyn do.
Now every time I look at you,
I see the face you made before Dizaster started hookin’ you."
Bigg K vs. Math Hoffa (watch now)
January 1, 2016
O Red
"Ya’ll wanna hear some trill facts?
He got advantages this match.
Chiraq wanna hear me snap,
They just hopin’ that you rap.
You gotta put on a mask to spit that crack.
How Suge say it Surf?
I’m a real goon, I wear that ski mask like a hat.
Nah, matter of fact, fuck that.
I can spit flame without the mask, nigga I’m Scorpion.
I’ll pistol whip his ass with a ratchet, swing that forty in."
O Red vs. Daylyt (watch now)
December 25, 2015
"Ya’ll seen how I get bout vibes.
It’s sorta like porta potties:
I make you hate to take this shit outside.
Cuz right before he catch that llama round,
He on the ground,
‘God, please save me from the jerk.’
Who are you, Th3 Saga now?"
Ave vs. Mike P (watch now)
December 25, 2015
"My year compared to yours,
I coulda killed you with half a round.
I caught more bodies in this race than Hitler,
And frankly (Anne Frank-ly) they live in attics now."
JC vs. Arsonal (watch now)
December 13, 2015
Charlie Clips
"I can wash you with the hands,
Or have my niggas hit you, showered with lead.
How am I supposed to salute you Gemini?
You can’t bow to the dead.
I pop a pill, take your girl home,
Spend nine hours in bed.
I’m from America, she from London,
So I made her give me 5 hours of head (ahead)."
Charlie Clips vs. Gemini (watch now)
December 11, 2015
Pat Stay
"You gave Drake the ‘Started from the Bottom’ beat.
Your boy Mike Zombie made it, but you’re the one who shopped it, see.
Now that’s where royalties & publishing occurs;
Stuff just to ensure you get the cut that you deserve,
But Mr. Businessman here, ain’t get nothin’ in return.
His boy Zombie got ‘ch-ching’ & fuckin' chucked him to the curb.
This mother fuckin’ nerve…
He’s right there? Cool. Well, off the head man,
He’s just creepin up to you like some type of obsessed fan.
He’s right the fuck there? This dude’s still your friend? Damn!
If that was me, Zombie would be a walking dead-man."
Pat Stay vs. Hollow Da Don (watch now)
December 8, 2015
Hollow Da Don
"You’re not a Canada thug.
To a street American, you’re an average battlin’ punk
That only gets paid from YouTube, so you add/ad on the front.
Ooooh, I hope you get AIDS & Alzheimer’s,
So you can forget you got AIDS till all your exes start dyin."
Hollow Da Don vs. Pat Stay (watch now)
December 8, 2015
"You flew all the way from Houston to New York,
My nigga, I know you came to win.
But I bodied the nigga that fucked you up,
And ya’ll praisin’ him?
Man’s whole career's been up and down.
Every battle, it’s the same game wit him.
You remind me of a layover,
Cuz you started off plane (plain), got off for a second,
Then got plain (plane) again."
Bonus vs. Statz G (watch now)
December 8, 2015
Danny Myers
"But here we are god, top pen games; you’ll get your body burned.
Niggas ain’t seen a better writer (righter) since Tommy Hearns.
As far as I’m concerned, this fag I gots to snipe.
This bitch just doesn’t get it like Magic Johnson’s wife."
Danny Myers vs. Chilla Jones (watch now)
November 27, 2015
Chilla Jones
"My main bitch, she don’t act like a lady.
Come at me sideways if you want. She be clappin’ that 80.
If his direct to me, SHE AIN’T HAVIN’ IT BABY.
Now, if ya’ll don’t know what a HYSTERECTOMY is, just wait it out.
The next two, I’ma explain what the wordplay’s about.
You took me and Danja back to back. You the bravest scout.
Thought you was PUSSY. I didn’t expect you to risk (UTERUS) bein’ takin’ out."
Chilla Jones vs. Danny Myers (watch now)
November 27, 2015
"What you rock? A x-x-x-x-x-x-l; some big shit we ain’t never seen.
Well, I will give your Big T the best Hollow rounds we’ve ever seen.
I got a better team. I hope they don’t relate us to ya’ll boys.
Cuz real niggas stay quite. Them bitch niggas be the loud boys.
Somebody shoulda told you, you fuckin’…fuck fuck fuck…
Bitch, you really thought I'd choke? Nigga, cease that shit.
Cuz you know if I choked, Norbes ain’t gonna release this shit.
I wanna wrap my hands around your throat, then squeeze that shit.
But I’m just like them; if a nigga start chokin’ then I ain’t gonna wanna release that shit."
Scotty vs. Dre Dennis (watch now)
November 24, 2015
“Someone’s babyin’ you.
If I put your tummy on a scan, someone’s baby in you.
If I put your tummy on a scan,
The ultrasound reveals - oh God - newborn’s (Nuborn's) on your sonogram.
So what’s good, Nu?
How are you?
You in a bunch of jelly; we been in a lotta jams.
You in the belly of the beast now, period. Must be awful cramped.
Hold on, he’s sayin’ something; let him get his shit off...
‘You gettin’ da feet first
Like a breached birth.
Nigga, you got a problem on your hands.’
Is you Brenda’s baby, Born? Then why feed us (fetus) that garbage man?!?!”
QP vs. Bonnie Godiva (watch now)
November 22, 2015
“You turned your back on Daylyt in 5 minutes.
You marked out. Day loaned me a cal with a note on the revolver.
It read ‘Diz – Total Slaughter.’
Did you get the theme?
Show up at his fuckin’ house and let it sing.
Are you religious? Cuz here’s where I connect the scheme:
That 40 Day leant (40 DAY: LENT) me will have you give up everything.
It’s all over. I began to script your (SCRIPTURE) death in structured VERSE.
It’s Judgment Day, you rapped your (RAPTURE) ass off for what it’s worth.
I’ll rain (REIGN) longer than God when he flooded Earth."
Gjonaj vs. Dizaster (watch now)
November 17, 2015
“But the Mayan civilization used to have an ancient calendar
Which should have been the only thing they ever named you after
Cuz ever since 2012, you haven’t been shit but a fake Dizaster.
Trust me, after this, you gon’ get your wish and become a famous rapper.
But to get in the spotlight, you needed a star with a big name,
So I’m not your God, I’m your Big Bang:
Bitch, I’m what made you matter.”
Dizaster vs. Gjonaj (watch now)
November 17, 2015
"I wanna end your fuckin’ career for them lame lines.
For your daughter, you gon’ hafta call Jesus on the main line.
You gon’ hafta multitask like Bobby Brown when I bang mine.
That mean tryin’ to revive your career and your daughter at the same time."
Skates vs. Krucial Ken (watch now)
November 12, 2015

Krucial Ken
"I pull up in a Jimmy truck with the back open.
Try to run and get your back opened.
Get your lifeline laid flat chokin’.
If you don’t think one nigga can fuck up your whole legacy, just ask Hogan."
Krucial Ken vs. Skates (watch now)
November 12, 2015
"I mean, I’m a win/win, but this a lose/lose.
This ‘pick a number between 1 & 3,’ don’t let me lose you.
Pick a number between 1 & 3. Did I confuse you?
That mean you so-called legends can only die when you chose to/two."
Showoff vs. Arsonal (watch now)
November 9, 2015
John John
"Now watch me. I don’t got my gun, my gun got me.
I vow to hold that piece till death: Mahatma Gandhi.
Get shot for dreamin’ or beat for no reason, choose wisely
on which King you tryin’ to be: Martin or Rodney."
John John Da Don vs. Charlie Clips (watch now)
November 2, 2015
Psycoses-vs-gin-i KOTD wd5
"If you throw a fist, then it’s over as quick as throwin’ a choke submission:
I’m Forrest Griffin.
Then go and ship him when I’m done boxin’ Gin like prohibition.
So don’t give him the battle on how loud he spits,
or how he gets all rowdy when he’s shouting.
It don’t ever count; it just amounts to this.
Cuz I just finished this bitch in the first round on some Ronda Rousey shit."
Psycoses vs. Gin-I (watch now)
October 29, 2015
Big Kannon
"Now dude, stop. Give me one reason why you the king at this.
You only kill when you battling bums, that’s when you seem to spit.
So now he’s the Ice Cube of the group, and my meanin’ is
Cuz you get no credit for writin’ all that Eazy shit."
Big Kannon vs. JC (watch now)
October 26, 2015
"See, I can either pull a strap, hit his top with a couple
Or just light it up wit a bat, like when Gotham in trouble."
Ave vs. Nunn Nunn (watch now)
October 26, 2015
Arsonal white matte
"Once again I’m here, in the 6 wit’ my woes.
Your bitch gets exposed to like 6 of my bros.
We got extended pose for your fiction and bluffin’.
We white girls in a scary movie:we be trippin’ for nothin’."
Arsonal vs. Shotty Horroh (watch now)
October 5, 2015
"You’ve got your wires crossed, and it’s gonna lead to the shock of your life.
Cuz guess what Tony? You ain’t battlin’ Tommy this time.
I’ll fight you's all, one at a time.
Cuz I’ll swallow blood before I swallow my pride.
Never back down. So try and chat or fight back until I get knocked out or die,
Cuz me and Tommy ain’t alike.
Cuz see, unlike Unan, I actually got the bottle to war wit’ you.
Plus, I ain’t gonna send shots from behind a closed door, like Oscar Pistorius."
Raptor vs. Tony D (watch now)
October 3, 2015
Tony D
"Cuz I been here forever, maybe a couple minutes more.
LEVELS SO HIGH, if I ever fell off, I’d never hit the floor.
But this is war, that’s why you bound to lose.
Cuz they comparin’ skill differences. Shit, this a matter of ALTITUDE.
I had to STEP DOWN for you,
I mean, from my MOUNTAIN view
To help you CLIMB to this PEAK. At least, that’s what it’s amountin’ to."
Tony D vs. Raptor (watch now)
October 3, 2015
"Smack told me I gotta get back in my old bag for the win.
I said, ‘The one we gon be draggin him in?’ it from here.
My advice: take everything and handle it wit care.
Jumanji, one wrong roll and them animals appear."
Calicoe vs. Tay Roc (watch now)
September 28, 2015
Charlie Clips
"You left battle rap, and I held us down. But ya’ll quick to welcome him home without the door mat.
Hey, what his résumé like? He beat Miles, he beat Cal, who gives a fuck? We don’t condone that.
You lost to Mook and Hollow, O-Red got a better résumé than you nigga, and now we know that.
So it’s like Fabolous spellin’ his name, cuz U should be where O at.
I’m killin’ scrap.
Right now, there’s a nigga paralyzed watchin’ the pay-per-view like ‘Oh, I’m feelin’ that.’"
Charlie Clips vs. Loaded Lux (watch now)
September 27, 2015
Loaded Lux
"This is what happens when these niggas get creatively FAMISHED and can’t manage it.
They mental FEEDS be fishin’ cuz they ain’t bred (BREAD) for this type of MEAT, but you can hook up the SANDWICHES.
I mean look, you got whatever advantages,
Could be damages.
Standin’ in your lobby, I’m thinkin’ how he put his rounds together; that’s a sign that nigga outie (Audi), I’ve been plannin’ this.
I rap (wrap) circles around a body; nigga you lucky, it could be bandages."
Loaded Lux vs. Charlie Clips (watch now)
September 27, 2015
Iron Solomon
"All that I need’s a rhyme book and a beat.
And I’m cookin’ wit heat,
I’ll butcher this beef.
Dog, this cat food, the type of pussy I eat.
On the real (reel), you fishin’, catch a hook in your cheek.
I’m the medicine man when you look to get leaked.
An NY in front of Quill will put him to sleep."
Iron Solomon vs. Daylyt (watch now)
September 21, 2015
"The last c-note,
Get marked out to 100, I’m passed deebo.
Leave a jackass’ face on his back, now that’s Steve-o.
The mass evil,
Get whipped to be wrecked like a smashed Regal.
One arm, then Iron in the sky; I’m Magneto."
Daylyt vs. Iron Solomon (watch now)
September 21, 2015
"He uses his mass to his advantage, it’s a method he’s devised.
His rounds are full of power poses, it’s all misdirection as he hides.
Take up more space, displayin’ dominance in our perception, but it’s lies.
Cuz I’m an artist like Donatello; he’s more like Raphael though, his only weapon is his size (sais)."
Illmaculate vs. Pat Stay (watch now)
September 14, 2015
Rosenberg Raw
"But on some real shit, when niggas disrespect your mom and say she mentally disabled, I think that shit whack.
So me disrespecting your moms, you can forget that.
See, my problem is wit your pops and off of this fact:
If your mom mentally disabled, why would he hit that?
Forget that."
Rosenberg Raw vs. DNA (watch now)
September 5, 2015
Chilla Jones
Chilla Jones-(Prep)
"I need answers. How I'mma lose to a dude who be rappin' GOOFY?
Prep, I'm nice with the poker, honest (POCAHONTAS). I'll leave you INSIDE OUT for actin' rudely.
Intestines TANGLED, against the wall, he (WALL-E) FROZEN when I smack his coofie.
Cuz you a lad in (ALADDIN) a bow tie, claimin' you strapped with uzis.
Stop lyin’ king (LION KING), before a shot go bam behind (BAMBI) your black Suzuki.
The CARS UP and BOLT as soon as I give this rat a toolie (RATATOUILLE)."
Chilla Jones vs. Prep (watch now)
September 2, 2015
Big Kannon & Young Kannon
"No, tell ‘em what your weapon is. Me? Shit, I got the 9.
Well me, knife, fuckin' stabbed in the neck; that’s a white collar crime.
Them beatin’ us? Ya’ll out ya’ll mind?
The only time white boys were in the class with Kannons was Columbine."
Big Kannon & Young Kannon vs. Real Deal & Fresco (watch now)
August 29, 2015
"I’ve gotten more people bodied with ink than Yakuza tats.
You haven’t seen a Challenger get ripped apart this bad since that NASA ship blew and crashed.
So lose the act and tryin’ to appear too raw.
You’re the most animated bitch pretendin’ to be a soldier since Disney premiered Mulan."
Psycoses vs. JC (watch now)
August 27, 2015
"Those scared to change are truly panickin’,
But if ya’ll don’t see the light, I’m through with battlin’.
I’m sellin’ hookers or doin’ drivebys:
Either way, I’m human traffickin’.
This is no accident.
I ain’t here to dwell on the past
About how you didn’t do well in the past.
I’m here to fill in the facts.
I’m killin’ him bad.
Cameraman, you remind me of that weirdo from American Beauty:
You’re gonna spend this whole time filmin’ a bag."
Gjonaj vs. Born (watch now)
August 17, 2015
Danja Zone
"My name ain’t Tyrone, so I’ma start this round with 'Fuck this battle, I’m here to fuck your wife.'
Nigga, I will give her face all that pipe.
She stay wit me, she gettin’ her skull fucked all at night.
You remember the face Ali made when Sonny Liston lost that fight?
Well, she gonna hafta do that to get her jaw back right."
Danja Zone vs. Daylyt (watch now)
August 10, 2015
Rum Nitty
"You wil’in wigger? Well you’ll get clapped for that.
I’m flashin’ back.
This time machine comin’ out the backpack
Ain’t Project Almanac.
I’m not havin’ that.
I mean battle strapped.
If I’m in the ring reachin’ for the belt, it’s not a ladder match."
Rum Nitty vs. Quill (watch now)
August 8, 2015
"Yo, we can rumble to see if Rum brawl like a soldier.
It’s Mario Winans: I give ‘em one big hit, and it’s over.
So be careful with the role you like to portray
Cuz you can get rolled up on like a Raw’s tray.
And I don’t condone this violence,
But I got the cajones.
You can get a slice in your neck like Coronas."
Quill vs. Rum Nitty (watch now)
August 8, 2015
Danny Myers
Danny Myers
"My pen is beyond yours, that’s what I keep stressin’.
Lyrically, I’m a cut above this pussy; that’s a C-section."
Danny Myers vs. Xcel (watch now)
July 31, 2015
"I will put you in the news like no other story could.
We’ll turn in to ‘Good Morning America’ to see America mourning Goodz."
Rone vs. Goodz (watch now)
July 20, 2015
"With a scope, I can hit every op from the boondocks.
All I need is one eye, I’m feelin’ like Feddy Wap from the rooftop.
My bullet shells the same size as moonrocks,
But the gun so big, I gotta hold it on my shoulder, like niggas in the 70’s held the boombox."
Arsonal vs. Caustic (watch now)
July 7 ,2015
"I got hammers from all races. Like the nina Caucasian - that mean it leave red necks and only work for huntin',
I got a Puerto Rican chopper - I gotta call Cortez just to work the button,
The Des E African American - I can't get it to work for nothin',
But the 40 Mexican - I can put it to work for nothin'."
K-Shine vs. Aye Verb (watch now)
July 4, 2015
Carter Deems
"No lie, Smack, I should be the one that’s headlining N.O.M.E 5.
But this dude’s pretty awesome too, for real (high fives Illmac). I always wanted to give a gnome five."
Carter Deems vs. Illmaculate (watch now)
June 11, 2015
"My man hit me and said,
'For the BREAD,
I said, 'You damn SKIPPY,
And got to writin’ in a JIFFy.'"
Xcel vs. Pnut (watch now)
June 8, 2015
Lunar C
"I was gonna let him live, but he’s talkin about Muslims in my town and that’s harsh.
And I’m religious with this shit, so I can’t allow a whack bar (Allahu Akbar)."
Lunar C vs. Oshea (watch now)
June 6, 2015
Hollow Da Don
"I ain’t sayin’ your shit whack, but bro it’s the same move every time you kick that:
Set-up/punchline, set-up/punchline. That’s how you spit that?
Just a candy rapper with 4 bars, you a…see how easy it is to predict that?"
Hollow Da Don vs. Charlie Clips (watch now)
June 3, 2015
Chilla Jones
"But let's keep pace and talk about how your ex, Bonnie, knew Drake.
He hit her online, and asked her out on a true date,
To sip wine, have some good convo, chew steak.
She told you, watched you hate, and made you lose face.
You told her she better not, or you would catch a new case.
So she fake agreed, waited for you to leave, and packed her suitcase.
You came home, found a piece of paper on your food plate;
It was a note that said, ‘IF YOU'RE READING THIS IT'S TOO LATE.’"
Chilla Jones vs. Math Hoffa (watch now)
May 23, 2015
Math Hoffa
Math Hoffa
"Like picture Chilla in Bankhead with some G's in the trap,
and he come through and say, ‘Keep bubbling coke, I'ma squeeze on they cap.’
Them niggas'll grab they ratchets, like, 'What's up, shorty?' Like some G's and react,
and Chilla'll be like, 'No, no, no, no, chill out, fellas, ya'll need to relax.
I mean, if you keep bubbling Coke, you gotta squeeze on the cap.
I was just looking out, I didn't want the two-liter to get flat.
It's just a scheme, I swear to God, I didn't mean it like that!'"
Math Hoffa vs. Chilla Jones (watch now)
May 23, 2015
"You look like the Teflon Don if he was covered in Teflon.
Or a walrus who dipped all of his blubber in Exon.
Fuck a bug, he’s killed any mammal he’s stepped on.
If Biggie saw this piggy, he would think he was dead wrong.
I mean, as far as food, what we got today?
Lobster face? Pasta plate?
He’s black and Islamic. What the fuck is he? A chocolate shake/sheik?"
Rone vs. Big T (watch now)
April 30, ,2015
Chilla Jones
Chilla Jones (100-bulletz)
"’You can't go to events and wear a tight black shirt there,
Or you must get asked by club staff if you work there.
Bein’ too sick'll (SICKLE) confuse this dumb fuck.
Me bein’ sorta (SWORD) pissed'll (PISTOL) lead to you seeing that (GUN) buck.
If I miss I'll (MISSILE) hit BULLETZ chin and rock it (ROCKET), you'll be lumped up.
Well words is WEAPONS, and these bars off the chain, like NUN CHUCKS."
Chilla Jones vs.100 Bulletz (watch now)
April 16, 2015
"And I don’t fuck wit battle rappers. They dick ride & switch sides against you.
They talk about 9’s & 5’s but work 9-5’s behind a pencil.
I bet you got a gun so big, you couldn’t fit it inside your rental.
Well I got a gun so small, I got it inside the venue."
Skelly vs. Marvwon (watch now)
April 14, 2015
"I’ma kill D clear, but I declare war now.
You from the school of hard knocks? I’m from the college of kickin’ doors down."
Chess vs. DNA (watch now)
April 9, 2015
"You got options: you could get the llama, or the heat glock.
Here's my handle, here's my spout: I’m a little teapot!"
Daylyt vs. Madchild (watch now)
April 9, 2015
Charron vs. Pat Stay
"It’s Canada’s favorite roid head,
The skinny kids’ rival.
They disregard your lack of bars
Cuz you’re literally their idol.
I don’t care if your arm’s strong
You’re a bitch that’s on a cycle;
Like Lance Armstrong,
It’s only right I strip you of your title."
Charron vs. Pat Stay (watch now)
March 3, 2015
"Well, now I’m mad and I can’t get past it,
So I’ma catch you leavin’ Summer Madness,
Talkin’ to your fuckin’ ratchet.
Knife you at a red light, tell your bitch you got stuck in traffic."
Gjonaj vs. Gutta (watch now)
March 1, 2015
KG the Poet
“You corny ocky.
You was PG two years ago,
And this is the bummiest we seen your ass.
That’s sorta sloppy.
Of course I’m cocky.
Besides that flip, two websites, and a clothing line,
I still fold paper from every direction,
But that’s just what my aura got me (origami).”
KG the Poet vs. Danja Zone (watch now)
January 22, 2015
Ah Di Boom
"We got Boom versus HALF-A-GALLON-GOODZ.
I sat down with this name for weeks: HALF-A-GALLON-GOODZ.
It must be your Hennessey, why they callin’ him HALF-A-GALLON-GOODZ.
Well, I just see a bitch in a man: there’s a half a gal in Goodz."
Ah Di Boom vs. Goodz (watch now)
January 11, 2015
"Watch I (eye) black round in bare (bear) sight; it’s not a panda.
I’ma write till they remain silent; I know my Miranda.
But it’s you who get a hole next; we spot the cancer.
I lift an arm for Quest’s chin (question) like I got the answer."
Daylyt vs. Quest Mcody (watch now)
December 24, 2014
"That’s kind of a low blow.
I shouldn’t have made fun of that car crash.
That was some hard shit to live through,
But I chalked it up to bad karma.
See most people don’t believe in karma anymore,
But obviously I still do.
Cuz for instance, you got famous for killin’ a Freeway.
Then a couple of years later,
You got famous again when a freeway almost killed you."
Dizaster vs. Cassidy (watch now)
December 9, 2014


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