KOTD World Domination 6ix


As one of the staple events for KOTD, World Domination has consistently operated with the theme of hosting battlers from a variety of countries, with several international battles, and this weekend, on August 26-28, 2016, the league is set to continue this tradition with World Domination 6ix. While a few of the battles will feature two fellow countrymen facing off against one another, the event will feature battlers from five different countries. As one of the battles featuring two Americans, the main event for World Domination 6ix will actually feature two battlers who have faced one another over six years ago (BATTLE HERE) as Caustic is set to challenge Rone for the KOTD title. Both battlers have grown considerably since their original battle, so it’ll be interesting to see how different their approaches are this time around, especially with the elevated status both battlers have received since then. Personally, I feel like Caustic should have been given the victory in the previous matchup, but as Rone was actually awarded the judges’ decision, I would suspect that the chance at retribution should motivate Caustic to prove he is the better battler and get the victory this time around.


As one of the other main events for World Domination 6ix, Pat Stay vs. Serius Jones was actually supposed to go down earlier this year at KOTD’s Blackout 6ix event. I haven’t seen too much hype going around for this matchup, but as Serius Jones was considerably upset by the fact that Pat Stay had to back out of the original battle due to issues with his voice (INTERVIEW HERE), the background for this match helps to add an additional layer of anticipation. Additionally, I am personally looking forward to this match as it is one of the few Blackout battles that I accurately predicted (BLOG HERE), which left me feeling disappointed after it was canceled at that event. I expect Serius to have at least one good round that he can win convincingly, but as Pat is a great competitor and a fan favorite in Toronto, I expect Pat to be able to capture a 2-1 victory.


Recently, Bonnie Godiva has begun to receive a lot of hate online as she has started to push for more opportunities for herself and other female battlers, while explicitly expressing her interest towards eventually receiving a shot at the KOTD title. Part of the hate she’s received stems from the fact that some fans have misinterpreted what she said as meaning that she thinks she immediately deserves a shot at the title, but she has since made attempts to clarify that she simply wants to receive opportunities to prove her worthiness to challenge for the chain. As someone who unsuccessfully challenged for the chain before, Charron has also recently stated that he wants to take another stab at the KOTD title, so after it was announced that the two would be facing off against one another at World Domination 6ix, there has since been speculation that a victory for either of these two at World Domination 6ix would help to set in motion a path towards eventually challenging for the title. In addition to that, Charron recently stated (INTERVIEW HERE) that one of the major reasons he wanted to battle Bonnie was that she was one of the few people who agreed to have the battle judged and put money on the line, so regardless of what happens after the match, the fact that there’s money on the line, paired with the idea that both are eager to prove their worthy of wearing the KOTD chain, should help to ensure that both Charron and Bonnie Godiva come ready to fight at World Domination 6ix. Ultimately, the person you think wins this match might depend on personal preference as I don’t find their styles to be that similar. Personally though, I think Charron will get the victory pretty clearly, especially in the building, and should have no problem guaranteeing a win in this battle.


In addition to the matches above, there are several other battles that fans should be on the lookout for at World Domination 6ix, and that I personally expect to have some great performances. For example, Chilla Jones and Arcane are set to face off against one another, and with both of them being absent from KOTD for over a year, they should both look to reestablish themselves, especially Arcane as some fans refuse to let him off the hook for the ghostwriting. Another battler making his return to KOTD at World Domination 6ix is Unanymous, who hasn’t battled there since he took on HFK in 2012 (BATTLE HERE). Unanymous was actually recently banned from his home league of Don’t Flop after some heated exchanges with Don’t Flop staff, so in addition to attacking his opponent, we can likely expect him to take some jabs at Don’t Flop, which is interesting since his opponent, Sketch Menace, has his own history with Don’t Flop staff, as evidenced by the battle he had with “DizastEURGH” after Eurgh backed out at the last minute prior to his scheduled battle with Sketch at the last World Domination event.

There are definitely some other additional battles that have a lot of promise, but one final matchup that is definitely worth mentioning is Madflex vs. Aftershock. With regards to Aftershock, after he recently challenged DDSS for GZ title (BATTLE HERE), many people felt like Aftershock should have been awarded the victory, so it’s nice to see that even though he didn’t win that title, his strong performance in that battle has helped to continue his momentum towards the main stage. His opponent, Madflex, is another battler who has also been grinding hard, but he has only recently started to get some shine. Interestingly, Madflex actually wrote an article on battlerap.com back in 2014 (BLOG HERE) discussing how hard work in the ring isn’t enough to propel battlers to the next level of their careers, and he now has been given a shot at World Domination 6ix after an innovative online campaign. Madflex recently launched this campaign online, with an especially strong presence in KOTD’s Talkback group on Facebook, and with many fans getting behind the effort and showing their support (myself included), I think this effort, paired with his recent performances in the ring, helped to ensure he wasn’t overlooked when the World Domination 6ix lineup was put together. Altogether, even if you aren’t familiar with all of the names on the World Domination 6ix card, there are plenty of battles worth getting pumped up for, including those from the GZ card on Day 3 (personally, I’m especially looking forward to A Ward take on Franchise after A Ward’s amazing performance against Saint Mic (BATTLE HERE). Be sure to check out the trailer and full matchup card below for all the details.


KOTD World Domination 6ix matchup card

  • Rone vs. Caustic (Title Match)
  • Iron Solomon vs. Charlie Clips
  • Arsonal vs. Cortez
  • Pat Stay vs. Serius Jones
  • Charron vs. Bonnie Godiva
  • Head I.C.E. vs. Big-T
  • 100 Bulletz vs. Real Deal
  • The Saurus vs. Tumi
  • Pnut vs. Shotti P
  • Arcane vs. Chilla Jones
  • Illipsis vs. Quill
  • Sketch Menace vs. Unanymous
  • Realiztic vs. Dunn D
  • Madflex vs. Aftershock

Day 3 – GZ matchup card

  • Krome vs. JeFFrey
  • Franchise vs. A Ward
  • Step Easy vs. Frak
  • Tez vs. Dunsh
  • Lil G vs. Kaveman Brown
  • Alias the @ikt vs. Micky Worthless

KOTD Blackout 6ix Predictions

Who Will Face Whom? –

KOTD’s mystery event, Blackout 6ix, makes its return this weekend (19th-20th of February 2016), and with all of the battlers now announced, we’ve put together our predictions for which battlers will face each other at the event. For anyone not yet familiar with the Blackout format, KOTD has been steadily releasing video announcements for the individual battlers who will be battling at Blackout 6ix, while the fans will not know who will face whom until right before each match takes place. The only confirmed matchups to be announced prior to the event are the title match (between current champion Illmaculate and the challenger Rone) and the main event for day one (trailer for the announcement below). For the main event, there was some talk a few years ago about this matchup going down, but until recently, many had given up on the possibility that it would go down, leading to a great deal of anticipation for what will happen now that the match has been set up. As for the title match, many were already viewing Rone as the number one contender for the chain prior to the announcement, making this not much of a surprise, but a good matchup with a lot of potential nonetheless. Personally, I’ve gone back and forth on who I think will win the title match, and while I think it will ultimately come down to who the judges are and what they prefer, I’m going to predict a 2-1 victory for the current champ Illmac as I think that if he comes with the same level of preparation he had for the title match with Pat Stay, whatever angles he brings should definitely be enough to counteract Rone’s strengths of his cadence/flow/delivery and humor.
With regards to the predictions for the rest of the card, some of these are based on things that have happened historically, but most of them are just guesses based on which battlers might be a good fit to face one another. With regards to the ones that I feel confident in predicting, a couple of matches that I think are likely to go down at Blackout 6ix due to the fact that they were previously scheduled for other events prior to being canceled are Big T vs. Daylyt and Carter Deems vs. Head I.C.E. Specifically, Daylyt and Big T were scheduled to go head to head at URL’s Traffic event (TRAILER HERE), while Carter Deems and Head I.C.E. were supposed to face off at KOTD’s Back to Basics 2 (TRAILER HERE) before both matches were cancelled for various reasons. Another match that seems likely to take place is Gjonaj vs. Psycoses. While this wasn’t a match that was previously scheduled, a lot of fans have been requesting for this match to go down since the two of them were seen as a couple of the breakthrough battlers of 2015, with Psycoses acknowledging this in an interview where he personally requested the match with Gjonaj (INTERVIEW HERE). Aside from these three matches, the only other match that I feel a little bit of confidence in predicting is a battle between Charron and Cortez based on the fact that Charron has previously discussed interest in going against Cortez on multiple occasions, including a line in his previous battle with John John Da Don (HERE) and an interview with Angry Fan Radio (INTERVIEW HERE). To see all of our predictions for the Blackout 6ix matches, check out the list below, as well as the trailer for the main event which previews how the battlers will be announced before their matches at Blackout 6ix.

Main Event Trailer:

Blackout 6ix matchup predictions
• Illmaculate vs. Rone (TITLE MATCH)
• Iron Solomon vs. Dizaster (MAIN EVENT)
• Big T vs. Daylyt
• Pat Stay vs. Serius Jones
• Charron vs. Cortez
• Carter Deems vs. Head I.C.E.
• Gjonaj vs. Psycoses
• Born vs. J-Pro
• Pass vs. Bishop Brigante
• The Saurus vs. Chedda Cheese
• Arsonal vs. Quill
• T-Rex vs. Caustic
• Knamelis vs. Skelly
• Lexx Luthor vs. Jay Rell
• Shotti P vs. Realiztic

KOTD Back to BAYsics 3 (B2B3) Preview

KOTD offers prize incentives for B2B3 –

In a few days now, on October 24, KOTD will host its third “Back to Basics” (B2B3) event in San Jose, California. Given the location of the event, KOTD has termed the event “Back to BAYsics 3,” and while the spelling of the name might be one of the most immediately noticeable differences between this event and the other two previous KOTD events, it is definitely not the only thing worth taking note of. While the other two B2B events had a fairly limited number of high profile or top tier battlers taking part in the matches, the lineup for this card has more than a couple of matches where even a casual battle rap fan is likely to be familiar with one or both of the competitors. Of course, there are still a few matches with battlers that some fans might not be as familiar with (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing), the fact that these smaller Back to Basics events are starting to include more of the seasoned battlers will hopefully encourage more of the people involved to work harder to display their talent and put on a good showing for the fans. This seems to be increasingly important given that there were a few rather poor performances at the last Back to Basics event when multiple emcees had lengthy chokes, and at least two separate battles weren’t even dropped on the main KOTD channel, which is likely due to the fact that they included some of the less entertaining performances of the evening. If those reasons weren’t motivation enough for the rappers to come to the event with some of their top level material, KOTD has announced that there will be two $1,000 prizes given away for the best battler and best battle of the night (additional details regarding that announcement can be found HERE).

Match of the Night?

Given that this event has some pretty solid matchups, it’s hard to say who is most likely to win either of the prizes, but some of the feedback from the battlers who will be competing at the event has been that the match between Bigg K and Caustic is a likely candidate for the win. Their two styles and approaches to battling seem to be quite different from one another given that Bigg K is more of a serious and aggressive rapper, while Caustic spends more time joking and being disrespectful, so considering that this match should provide entertainment for fans with varying preferences for battle rap styles, it wouldn’t surprise me if these two do end up splitting the $1,000 prize for battle of the night. Aside from them, while DNA and Dirtbag Dan likely have some leftover material that they have been able to further develop since their cancelled match at KOTD’s MASSacre event, the two of them seem to have rather polarizing effects on fans as I regularly see many negative (and what seems like slightly fewer positive) comments online directed towards them from fans, so it seems fairly unlikely that enough fans will give their vote to these two. Others that I think could stand a chance to get it though are Daylyt and QP (who are both very lyrical) or Pass and Arsonal (assuming Arsonal can give a solid performance for three full rounds, as he doesn’t seem to have given one of those in KOTD for a very long time now).

Battler of the Night?

As for who seems most likely to get the prize for battler of the night, I really think that Gjonaj stands a pretty good chance to win. Like many other fans, after the first time of seeing Gjonaj perform in his URL PG battle against Gutta, I started to take an immediate interest in his battle career. From going back and looking at all the other battles that I could find of him from different leagues like Bar Wars, Black Ice Cartel, and Alpha League, I didn’t find a single weak performance that he’s had. All of his battles are entertaining on multiple levels, owing to his well-crafted lines and his deeply thought out delivery, and these attributes enable fans to appreciate bars that they might not have even caught if these lines had been written or performed slightly different. Regardless of whether he wins the prize for battle of the night, it should be good to see him face off against Dizaster on the KOTD stage as it seems like the match between these two has been inevitable, given that ever since Gjonaj started to get increased attention, people have continuously compared him to Dizaster. Also, it should be a good test for Gjonaj as this will be the first top tier opponent he’s taken on, and given Dizaster’s strong performance against Dumbfoundead at WD5, he may also be contention for the battler of the night at B2B3. Wither way, while the comparisons of the two rappers continue to be quite prevalent in various forms of social media, other than their aggressive deliveries and the fact that they are ethnically similar (Dizaster being Lebanese and Gjonaj being Arabic and Albanian), I don’t really think there are that many similarities between the two. While I do enjoy watching Dizaster’s battles and think he is a very good battler, if he doesn’t come to the battle composed and with three solid rounds, there is a very good chance he could lose the match very definitively. Still, that’s just my opinion, so decide for yourself and check out the latest trailer and the full matchup card for KOTD Back to BAYsics 3 below.

Back to BAYsics 3 matchup card

  • Dizaster vs. Gjonaj
  • Bigg K vs. Caustic
  • Dirtbag Dan vs. DNA
  • The Saurus vs. Fresco
  • Arsonal vs. Pass
  • Daylyt vs. QP
  • Madflex vs. Lu Cipher
  • Reverse Live vs. Only One
  • Coma vs. Frak

Daylyt’s MK Scheme

Finish Him –

By far, one of my favorite things about battle rap is the incredible lyricism that battle emcees display. From unexpected metaphors, to intricate use of multisyllabic rhymes, to the utilization of a double (or triple) entendre, battle rappers have many unique tools which they use to craft their rounds. While putting these tools to use enables battlers to continue impressing and surprising fans battle after battle, it shouldn’t be surprising that this elaborateness in writing can sometimes cause many lines to go over some of the fans heads, at least upon the first viewing of a battle. This is exactly what happened to me with one scheme in particular after seeing the battle between Daylyt and Chilla Jones. During this battle, Daylyt started his round with several lines which were then followed by “M’kay, m’kay,” which for many people would immediately bring to mind thoughts of Mr. Mackey, the school counselor from South Park, who often ends his sentences with this phrase. While Daylyt’s continued use of this phrase made it apparent that there was likely some significance to him saying it over and over, many fans were likely clueless as to what exactly Daylyt was saying, especially if trying to make a connection between that and South Park.

After finishing the first viewing of the battle, despite my confusion, I left Daylyt’s entire “m’kay” scheme out of my head until I was later reminded of it when watching the battle between Daylyt and Charlie Clips. As seen HERE, Clips points out that the “m’kay” scheme that Daylyt used actually meant “MK,” standing for Mortal Kombat. When I heard this, things started to fall into place a little bit more, and it actually inspired me to go back and watch the battle between Daylyt and Chilla again, which then enabled me to have a much greater understanding of and appreciation for the lyricism that Daylyt put into preparing that scheme. While I am aware that many others likely understand the reference after hearing Daylyt’s Mortal Kombat scheme for the first time, from talking to others and reading online, I know that many others were left confused. Inspired by this, I thought it would be interesting to put together a video which visually and textually breaks down some of the depth of this elaborate scheme. If someone is still confused about the meaning of the scheme at this point, our video should definitely help to clear up any confusion, and even if you are someone who already understands the meaning, hopefully you can still gain some entertainment from checking out the video. Either way, you can watch our video of the MK scheme below. If you’re still not convinced or interested, I just want to add that the video has already been cosigned by the “KingPen,” Chilla Jones, who retweeted it on Twitter, which is not only greatly appreciated (Thanks Chilla!), but is also pretty impressive given that in addition to the fact that Chilla was the one facing Daylyt during this battle, he is regarded by many to be the best at utilizing schemes in his battles. Enjoy!



WD5 Top 3

Top 3: KOTD World Domination 5 (WD5) Moments

KOTD WD5 (Top 3) Highlight Summary –

As one of the biggest battle rap events of the year has come to a close, KOTD’s World Domination 5 (WD5) was able to offer fans some great moments and matches that will long be remembered. In this edition of Top 3, we will look to highlight a few of these moments by ranking three of the most noteworthy things to go down at the event. Please note that while this post may contain some minor spoilers, any mention of the title match has been deliberately withheld in order to avoid the possibility of prematurely informing any fans about the outcome of that match in case they are holding off to see it for themselves.

#3: The Return of Iron Solomon

After he took a huge loss to Murda Mook at URL’s Summer Madness 2 event a few years ago, nobody has really heard anything about Iron Solomon making a return to battling, so many people were surprised when it was announced that Iron Solomon would make his KOTD debut against Daylyt at WD5. As Solomon has since explained, the match was initiated after he began speaking to Poison Pen about possibly getting back into battling when they were both at the KOTD Massacre event. From there, Solomon began communications with Daylyt and KOTD to eventually get the match set up. As Daylyt can be very unpredictable, most people were hoping that he wouldn’t do anything to ruin a potentially classic matchup, but thankfully, both emcees delivered strong performances in what can be considered one of the better matches of the event. Iron Solomon’s return is especially notable as he has since stated that he and KOTD are working towards a deal that will see him battle at least three more times, with Solomon saying that at the latest, his next battle would be at Blackout. See the announcement here:

#2: Kid Twist brings Norm Kelly to the stage

Toronto city councilman Norm Kelly has recently received some increased attention after he directed a few tweets towards Meek Mill in relation to one of the biggest hip-hop news stories right now: the ongoing feud between Toronto native Drake and Philly based Meek Mill. Given that Kid Twist is also from Toronto and was set to face Rone, who is always happy to represent for Philly, Twist thought that it would be an interesting idea to see if Norm Kelly would be willing to be in his corner for the matchup, which Norm agreed to do. While Knamelis helped Kid Twist keep Norm hidden in the venue greenroom leading up to the battle, Rone surprisingly dropped a line about the councilman before Norm could even be seen. This enabled Kid Twist to have an even more impactful lead in when he brought Norm on stage, which was then met by a huge crowd reaction. Overall this was a pretty big moment given the way that it all tied together, the surprise factor that it had on the fans and the performers, and for the fact that it helps to further establish relations between the battle community and the community as a whole, especially given the support shared between a local (74 year old) politician and KOTD. You can check out a short clip of the reveal here:

#1: Performance of Dizaster and Dizast-Eurgh

After Dizaster was banned from KOTD for a year as a result of his altercation with Math Hoffa, many of Dizaster’s fans have been waiting to see him return to the KOTD main stage. While he made his official return to KOTD in a match against Chilla Jones at the Back to the Basics 2 event on June 27, the match seemed to fall a flat, which could be at least partially attributed to the battle being set up with only 10 days to prep and the awkward structure of the battle with only two rounds. Regardless of the reasons, the match left many fans feeling let down, with quite a few people commenting that Dizaster may be long past his prime. Much of that talk has since changed though, after Dizaster showed up to WD5 and gave what many people are calling his best performance in years against his opponent Dumbfoundead, and he then gave a surprise in-character performance as Eurgh against Sketch Menace after Eurgh bailed on his scheduled performance. While Eurgh’s cancellation has since created a bit of friction and controversy between himself and KOTD (you can read more about it HERE), his cancellation and the subsequent decision for Dizaster to stand in as the punching bag enabled Sketch Menace and Dizaster to both vent some of the frustrations they have with Eurgh, especially since they both have some well documented history with the Don’t Flop founder. Altogether, Dizaster had two of the best performances of the event, which is even more notable as he showed up in a separate costume for each, as (in addition to dressing up as Eurgh to face Sketch) battled dressed as a Shaolin monk to face off against Dumbfoundead.

Tricky P vs. HFK - KOTD

Tricky P vs. HFK Rematch

Rematch of the Funny Guys –

After almost seven years of hosting events and throwing battles, KOTD has seen many of its battlers come and go over the years, so it’s surprising to come across a GZ battle that has two emcees that were once considered to be a couple of the top tier funny guys in KOTD going head to head in a battle that has less than 10,000 views after being up on YouTube for nearly three months now. As Organik states before the battle, HFK and Tricky P actually battled one another at the very first KOTD event, so this battle is actually a rematch between two close friends who battled one another six and a half years earlier. While these two haven’t been headlining any KOTD events for some time, they still clearly are able to enjoy putting on a show and do a pretty good job of doing so as well. While some may criticize these two for being considered more “comedians” and less “rappers,” as HFK states in his closer, “…it’s entertainment over everything,” and these two certainly deliver in that regard.

Tricky P vs. HFK (Rematch):