URL Double Impact

Dynamic Duos –

Until the last year or so, two-on-two battles were largely a thing of the past that mostly still only existed within the fringes of battle rap, but by taking on countless teams and adding a high level of theatricality to the two-on-two scene, DNA and K-Shine have helped to reestablish an interest in this form of battling. Now, URL looks to take things to the next level for “doubles” battle rap with Double Impact, which is possibly the first major event to feature a card made up of all two-on-two battles. While some of the teams seem like obvious choices to include based on the teammates’ previous involvements with one another, a few of the other team come as a bit of a surprise. Still, despite the questionability regarding some of the pairings of battlers, the quality of people competing at Double Impact should help to ensure some amazing matchups for the event.

Main Event

Surprisingly, at least half of the teams that will be battling at Double Impact are made up of two battlers who have previously faced each other in battles, and this is actually the case for both of the teams in the main event, which will feature DNA & K-Shine against Tsu Surf & Tay Roc. As I stated before, the former of these two teams are largely responsible for the current popularity of two-on-two battles, so they may be a tough team to compete against. However, it’s important to keep in mind that Tsu Surf and Tay Roc are two of the most popular battlers in URL, and their battle against one another is one of the most highly contested battles in recent history. Following their match with one another though, they seem to have become quite close as can be observed in a recent interview they gave alongside one another (INTERVIEW HERE). Overall, I think Roc and Surf have the potential to individually get the crowd behind him, but given that they are such large personalities on the URL stage, I’m doubtful that they can work cohesively as team to compete with the chemistry that DNA & K-Shine have, leading me to predict that DNA & K-Shine will likely walk away with the victory.

2 Unique Pairings

To me, the most unexpected team that will be at Double Impact would have to be the team of Charlie Clips & John John Da Don, who will be taking on Big T & Th3 Saga. While Big T and Th3 Saga don’t seem like a natural pairing on paper based on their very different styles, you could perhaps argue that it’s a good fit based on the fact that they are both members of NWX (alongside DNA & K-Shine of course). On the other hand, it’s hard to imagine how Clips & John John got paired up as a team, especially considering that they have already battled one another on two separate occasions, first in a Quiet Room battle (BATTLE HERE), and then in John John’s Bullpen Battle League (BATTLE HERE). Despite being caught off guard by their joining forces as a team, I think the styles of Clips & John John have the potential to complement each other well, so I’m picking them for the win in this match.

WB vs. NC

Another match involving two teams made up of former opponents will feature T-Top & Brizz Rawsteen (BATTLE HERE) taking on Chilla Jones & B-Magic (BATTLE HERE). When you consider that they are two members of Writers Bloque, I think it would be very difficult to face the combined writing of Chilla & B-Magic, but the difference in their flows and delivery seems like a very weird pairing. Also, B-Magic seems to have lost a lot of interest in battling lately, as evidenced by his increasingly common sloppy performances such as his recent battle with Brixx Belvy (BATTLE HERE), in addition to the fact that he has also expressed a desire in retiring from battle rap in the near future (INTERVIEW HERE). When you combine these obstacles with the fact that T-Top & Brizz Rawsteen have a long existing relationship with both of them coming from North Carolina, that will probably have a positive impact on their chemistry as a team, enabling them to get the win from Chilla Jones & B-Magic.

The Return of Legends

For the last two Double Impact battles, I’ve gone back and forth in my head on who I think will win, so I very likely may change my mind again. As it stands now though, I think Marvwon & Quest will beat Chess & Steams, while Math Hoffa & Cortez will lose to Aye Verb & Yung Ill. For the first one, I question whether Marvwon & Quest will be able to obtain the same reception on the URL stage that they have captured as a team in the past, but given that they have years of experience as a team and have really helped to father the two-on-two format, I think that experience will enable them to beat Chess & Steams. The last battle on the Double Impact card should be interesting too as it will allow fans to see the return of two battlers who have been absent from the URL stage for some time: Math Hoffa & Yung Ill. As these two haven’t been seen in the URL in a while, we can likely expect both of them to come with something to prove in order to reestablish themselves. If you then look at the individual chemistry of the two teams, it seems pretty even with both teams being based off of long existing relationships, so a deciding factor may be the other two people on the teams. Cortez has been doing pretty good lately with a bodybag against Uno Lavoz, followed by a strong showing against Chilla Jones (battle here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eu09g29tllM). In comparison, Aye Verb has been getting considerably less praise recently, but throughout the course of the last year, there has been a lot of talk about him trying to get a battle with Loaded Lux. With that lingering over his head, Aye Verb has a lot of motivation to prove himself worthy of such a high caliber opponent, so I think this battle offers a lot of incentive for him to come with a strong performance. When you combine that with the charisma and performance that Yung Ill brings to the table, I think there’s a good possibility of them leaving victorious. To view the full trailer and review the matchup card for the event (along with my predictions for the matches), check out the info below.

URL Double Impact matchup card (& predictions)

  • DNA & K-Shine vs. Tsu Surf & Tay Roc (DNA & K-Shine)
  • Big T & Th3 Saga vs. Charlie Clips & John John Da Don (Clips & JJDD)
  • T-Top & Brizz Rawsteen vs. Chilla Jones & B-Magic (T-Top & Brizz)
  • Chess & Steams vs. Marvwon & Quest Mcody (Marvwon & Quest)
  • Math Hoffa & Cortez vs. Aye Verb & Yung Ill (Aye Verb & Yung Ill)


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URL Born Legacy 2 Preview

Back to the small rooms –

Over the last couple of years, URL has seemed to put a higher emphasis on bigger stage events, reserving the smaller room battles primarily for PG matchups and events. Big stage events definitely add a different element to the mix as the vibe of an event or battle can be greatly elevated in that environment, but in the past, URL has hosted some classic battles in small room events. For example, URL’s original Born Legacy event, which went down in December 2013, hosted some small room battles like Ill Will vs. B-Magic and Charlie Clips vs. Tsu Surf, and with the upcoming Born Legacy 2 event (taking place on March 6, 2016), URL looks to recapture the vibe and atmosphere of that event. Personally, I think this is a great move as a lot of the bigger events build up much more anticipation and expectations, making them so much more disappointing if the battles aren’t absolute classics. In contrast, a lot of the smaller room battles have a much more authentic feel to them that is more in line with some of the earlier forms of the sport of battle rap. If you look at some of the smaller room battles that have been put out from other leagues (as well as the URL Proving Grounds) over the last couple of years, there’s a certain level and type of energy that isn’t present in the bigger room battles. Because of this, I think there is a lot of potential for some classic matchups to come from Born Legacy 2.

It’s in the car

While most of the card for Born Legacy 2 has a lot of potential for close matchups, there’s one in particular that stands out for having a high likelihood for having the bodybag of the night: Chess vs. Reed Dollaz. Chess is one of the upcoming PGs who has started to make quite a name for himself, especially considering he is still pretty young, but in comparison, Reed Dollaz has lost a lot of respect over the last couple of years as people are increasingly starting to overlook the legacy he built for himself after his last battle against John John Da Don at NOME IV. Overall, the battle is most famously remembered for the “It’s in the car” line from Reed (SEEN HERE), but if you actually go back and watch the entire battle, you can see that most of what Reed was saying was very low quality lyricism compared to the standards of modern era battle rap, with some of the lines being extremely suspect. For example, at one point, Reed even said, “Since you pussy, we gon’ fuck you,” and then refused to pause anything that he said (SEEN HERE). With Reed using lines like that, I think it’s highly unlikely that his pen game has evolved enough within less than two years for him to be able to compete with Chess, so I predict that Chess will probably get the 3-0 victory.

Potential battle of the night

In addition to the battle between Chess and Reed, Born Legacy 2 will also feature the main event battle between Cortez and Chilla Jones as well as some matchups between some Proving Grounds battlers who have done very well in their recent battles, but the match I’m most looking forward to from this event is Ave vs. Rum Nitty. Rum Nitty has built a reputation for himself largely outside of URL by having some big name matchups in leagues like KOTD, but so far, he hasn’t really got a big push in URL. While his opponent for Born Legacy 2, Ave, is not really a top tier battler, he definitely has the potential to make it there in the near future. In his last two battles in the PGs, against Nunn Nunn (BATTLE HERE) and Mike P (BATTLE HERE), Ave two pretty decisive victories after he had the rooms going crazy with continuous back to back punches. When you pair this up against someone like Rum Nitty who is very bar-heavy with a lot of complex wordplay, I think it offers a lot of possibility for a very debatable classic with a lot of replay value. Overall, I’m hopeful that Born Legacy 2 is just the start of URL putting an increasing emphasis on booking classic matchups in this type of environment, but to check out the full trailer and matchup card for Bron Legacy 2, check out the info below.

URL Born Legacy 2 matchup card

  • Cortez vs. Chilla Jones
  • Ave vs. Rum Nitty
  • Chess vs. Reed Dollaz
  • Ty Law vs. Cyssero
  • Mike P vs. Tink Da Demon
  • Young X vs. DOT
  • Bonus vs. Nunn Nunn
  • Bangz vs. Jerry Wess
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URL Presents DOA

URL Presents Street Talk ENT’s DOA –

On this Saturday, February 13, 2016, URL will head to Pittsburgh, PA to help host the DOA event alongside Street Talk ENT. As a whole, the DOA card is a little bit underwhelming, especially considering this is the first major URL card of the year, so I would be willing to guess that URL might just be handling the promotion and footage aspect of things, while Street Talk is responsible for most of the behind the scenes management of the event. Personally, I’m most interested in the match between Writers Bloque members Rum Nitty and Danja Zone, but the main event of the card will feature Real Deal against Aye Verb, which (based on the venue and Aye Verb’s latest performances) I’m predicting will be pretty one-sided in favor of Real Deal. Given that Aye Verb has spent a good portion of his battle career performing on the road, I don’t think that the Pittsburgh venue will necessarily work against him, but it may help to give an edge to Real Deal as he will probably feel more comfortable at home, with the crowd possibly giving him more support and reaction than they may immediately give to Aye Verb. When you pair this with the fact that Aye Verb has lost a lot of momentum over the last year after following up a clear loss to K-Shine (BATTLE HERE) with a flat performance against Tsu Surf (BATTLE HERE), I can’t imagine that Aye Verb will outdo what he had in those last two matches when he’s set to face someone who’s quite frankly not held in the same regard as those last two opponents (that’s not to say that Real Deal isn’t as good or better than Surf or Shine, but those two definitely seem to get listed in fans’ top fives a lot more than Real Deal’s name does). I will note that many fans seem to be in agreement that Verb took the match against Surf, but when considering that it was a pretty uneventful and boring battle as a whole, I would not use that win as in indication that he will have anything groundbreaking to say against Real Deal, leading me to predict a 3-0 win for Real Deal. For additional details regarding this event, check out the trailer and full matchup card below.

DOA matchup card

  • Real Deal vs. Aye Verb
  • Rum Nitty vs. Danja Zone
  • Swave Sevah vs. Th3 Saga
  • E Ness vs. Steams
  • Chronic LZ vs. Heartless
  • D Banks vs. ??????
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URL’s Summer Madness 5 Preview

The Super Bowl of Battle Rap? –

When URL announced that Summer Madness 5 tickets were on sale but refused to provide any details regarding who would be battling, many fans began to suspect that the card may turn out to be a bit of a disappointment. Still, given that this yearly event is touted as “The Super Bowl of Battle Rap,” most of us still maintained some hope that the card would leave a lot of potential for several classic matchups. Now that the card has officially been announced though (over a month after tickets went on sale), it looks like people may have been correct to assume that this event would be a letdown. To be fair, the card isn’t horrible overall for a battle event in general, but given that Summer Madness is looked at as being one of the biggest events of the year, it seems fair to say that this is less like the Super Bowl and more like the World Series…..of Little League.

Prior to the release of the official Summer Madness trailer, the only match that had been confirmed to be on the card was the rescheduled 2 on 2 of DNA & K Shine vs. Chess & Steams. Of course, considering that this match was set up after the previous match was cut short due to an altercation between the two teams (you can see the altercation, the cancellation of the match, and the announcement of the rematch HERE), it seems fitting that the rematch was announced prior to any others since many were left feeling like the outcome of the original battle was still undecided. Given the fact that what fans got to see in the original matchup has been received positively and that these two teams now have a bit of history and unfinished business with each other, this match should be pretty interesting to watch, provided that everyone can maintain their cool and not get into another fight during the battle.

While the two on two was the only confirmed battle on the card leading up to the release of the Summer Madness trailer, a lot of the buzz going around was that Loaded Lux would be making his return to the URL stage. Some suggested that Lux might be set to face off against Daylyt, but many presumed that it was more likely for him to take on Charlie Clips. The latter of these two assumptions proved to be accurate, as it has now been confirmed that Loaded Lux will go against Clips in Lux’s first battle on URL since his classic matchup against Calicoe three years ago at Summer Madness 2. While some may argue that Lux has actually taken some steps back since the Calicoe battle based on the idea that he followed up his memorable performance against Calicoe with a debatable match against Hollow Da Don and an arguable loss against Murda Mook, given that Lux and Clips have a lot of history together (partly stemming from the fact that both are from Harlem, but also because Charlie Clips actually started his battle career by battling in Lux’s Lionz Den), it should be safe to assume that both are going to come to the battle with something to prove. If that assumption is true, the only disappointment about this match would probably be that the high price tag for booking it may be at least part of the reason that more high profile performers and matches were not able to be booked for Summer Madness. Overall, we’ll just have to wait to see if the people on the card show up to prove why they deserve to perform in what was supposed to be one of the biggest events of the year as Summer Madness 5 is set to go down September 26, but in the meantime, you can check out the entire matchup card as well as the official trailer for Summer Madness below now.

Summer Madness 5 matchup card:

  • Tay Roc vs. Calicoe
  • Big T vs. Shotgun Suge
  • DNA & K Shine vs. Chess & Steams
  • John John Da Don vs. Mr. Wavy
  • Hustle vs. Official
  • T Rex vs. T Top
  • Loaded Lux vs. Charlie Clips
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URL Traffic

URL Traffic

URL’s First West Coast Event –

A major part of the URL branding is that the league is based in New York in the birthplace of hip-hop, with a fan base that is arguably much more critical and less forgiving than fans in other leagues are in different locations. With this in mind, the fact that the Ultimate Rap League is set to have its first event on the west coast may likely change the future for both itself and other leagues as well. On August 1, a week after URL’s Redemption event, URL will host its Traffic card in LA. A couple of the bigger battles of the night include Big T vs. Daylyt, as well as a matchup of fellow Writer’s Bloque members Danny Myers and Danja Zone. While these matchups shouldn’t disappoint, it will perhaps be even more interesting to see what the long term impact of this event will be. Depending on the success of the event, this could potentially lead to URL holding more events in different locations which could in turn enable a larger variety of matchups and performers on the URL stage, as well as making it easier for rappers to transition to URL from other leagues and vice versa.

URL Traffic Trailer:

URL’s Traffic matchup card:

  • Daylyt vs. Big T
  • KG the Poet vs. B Magic
  • Danny Myers vs. Danja Zone
  • Rum Nitty vs. Chess
  • Young Kannon vs. Steams
  • Tink Da Demon vs. Diesel


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URL Redemption

URL Redemption Preview

URL’s Rookies vs. Vets Part II –

In what many are calling URL’s “Rookies vs. Vets Part II,” the upcoming “Redemption” card looks to once again put some of the more seasoned battlers against performers who have a little less experience on the URL main stage. During the Rookies vs. Vets event in March, some of the newcomers were able to make bigger names for themselves with fans who may not have seen the previous battles that these rappers had in the UFF or Proving Grounds, but some of the rookies stumbled a bit in what could have been their breakthrough performances. This was the case when Chess went against DNA as Chess’s rounds were more memorable for his regurgitation than they were for his bars. Chess will now have a shot at redemption when he teams up with Steams to take on DNA & K-Shine in a battle that will introduce the 2 on 2 format to the URL stage. In should be interesting to see if the URL crowd is receptive to this format of battle, but DNA & K-Shine have already been getting plenty of practice teaming up together in the Don’t Flop USA league, taking on Syah Boy & John John Da Don, Aye Verb & Hitman Holla, and Big Kannon & Young Kannon.

For over a year now, people have been pushing for T-Rex and Danny Myers to battle, and Redemption will finally enable this matchup to go down. There’s actually a lot of documented history leading up to this match, so fans will be looking for both battlers to deliver some of their best material. While fan interest helped to put the idea into motion initially, after Danny Myers had a bit of a falling out with URL, the proposed matchup never came to fruition, so Myers worked to make things happen on his own by paying $12,000 of his own money to T-Rex. Although the battle was then set to take place in a much smaller league, things continued to stall for various reasons, but after months of things going back and forth, the battle is finally happening on the URL stage. Danny has said on multiple occasions that he thinks T-Rex is overrated, so when you combine that idea along with the history these two have leading up to the battle, it seems like Danny has a lot to prove in what will be his biggest matchup to date in the URL. For additional background regarding this matchup, as well a full list of the battles on the card, check out the videos and info below.

Danny Myers on T-Rex Battle

URL Redemption Trailer

URL’s Redemption matchup card:

  • T-Rex vs. Danny Myers
  • Tay Roc vs. Brizz Rawsteen
  • T Top vs. Shotgun Suge
  • Bill Collector vs. DOT
  • Chilla Jones vs. Prep
  • DNA & K-Shine VS Chess & Steams (2 on 2 Battle)
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