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DFAFD: Don’t Flop All Fucking Day

Don’t Flop was founded in 2008 by friends Eurgh and Cruger. Like many other battle leagues, Don’t Flop has grown from humble beginnings, but unlike other leagues, it is now the largest battle rap league to be based in the United Kingdom. Throughout the history of Don’t Flop, Eurgh and Cruger have been active in a number of roles including filming battles, hosting events, clip editing, and (both within Don’t Flop and other leagues as well) the two have accumulated a decent number of battles under their belts as well. In general, Don’t Flop has a more lighthearted approach to the battle scene compared to many of the North American leagues, so in addition to having a large variety of battlers and battle styles, the league has also shown a strong willingness to experiment with battle formats, rather than sticking solely to the current standard of written a capella battles. Some of the battle formats that can be seen on Don’t Flop include freestyle battles, on beat and grime battles, 2-on-2 battles, compliment battles, and many more. The continued growth in Don’t Flop’s popularity has enabled the league to hold battles throughout the UK in addition to holding events in a number of cities in the US, including Atlanta, Chicago, Washington DC, and Detroit.

Don’t Flop 7BW Preview

Don't Flop's 7th Birthday Event - This weekend, Don’t Flop will hold its seventh birthday weekend (7BW) event which will host some of the biggest international battles of the year. While Don’t Flop’s sixth birthday event last year was pretty forgettable with few battles that would set it apart from any other Don’t Flop event of the year, this yearly ...
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carter deems

Carter Deems vs. Isaac Knox

One of the Best PG Rated Battles - Carter Deems has received a decent amount of exposure this year after first getting a surprise match against Illmaculate at the first B2B event and then getting booked in one of the main events at the second B2B event in a matchup against Head I.C.E. Unfortunately, fans of the feline-loving emcee didn’t ...
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Shotty Horroh vs. Everybody

Shotty Horroh Disses 20+ Battlers in New Track - With his battle with Arsonal now totaling over 7 million YouTube views, along with several other strong performances in both Don’t Flop and KOTD, Shotty Horroh is undoubtedly one of the most recognizable British battlers in the scene today, so when he drops a diss record targeting over 20 different battle ...
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Dirtbag Dan vs. Big J - Don’t Flop

Dirtbag Dan vs. Big J

Dirtbag Dan Performs on Magic Truffles - In Don't Flop's first European event to take place outside of the UK, Dirtbag Dan was set to face Big J in Amsterdam. Given the location of the event and the leniency that it has with regards to certain behaviors, Dirtbag Dan thought it would help to make the battle more interesting to ...
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