Don’t Flop 7BW Preview

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Don’t Flop’s 7th Birthday Event –

This weekend, Don’t Flop will hold its seventh birthday weekend (7BW) event which will host some of the biggest international battles of the year. While Don’t Flop’s sixth birthday event last year was pretty forgettable with few battles that would set it apart from any other Don’t Flop event of the year, this yearly event has hosted some memorable battles in the past and looks to do the same this year. For example, for Don’t Flop’s fifth birthday event, there were some great matches like Oshea vs. Charlie Clips (HERE), Arsonal vs. Charron (HERE), and Dizaster vs. Unanymous (HERE), whereas during Don’t Flop’s fourth birthday event, we saw a Don’t Flop title match between Oshea and Tony D (HERE) as well as the now infamous matchup between Shotty Horroh and Arsonal (HERE). This year, it looks like Don’t Flop is trying to outshine these previous events by booking a number of great matchups which not only include some of the local favorites, but are also comprised of some top level battlers from America and Canada, with more than 80% of the 20 matches containing non-UK battlers.

As evidenced by the fact that in addition to his Don’t Flop battles, he is one of the few UK battlers to make multiple appearances in North America with battles in both KOTD and UDubb, Shotty Horroh is by far one of the most well-known UK battlers in the scene today. Given Shotty’s high profile status, it makes sense that he would get an opponent of a similar stature, and his opponent at Don’t Flop’s 7BW event definitely meets this criteria as he is set to face off against one of the biggest names in battle rap: Charlie Clips. Overall, Clips has been well received in the UK during his previous battles there, but there were moments in his battles against Oshea and Tony D where he started to lose the crowd as he was obviously not fully prepared and resorted to his trademark gimmick of stumbling through some freestyles to get him through the rounds. Given this reputation that Charlie has built for himself, as well as the fact that Clips has already had two of the biggest matches of his career earlier this year when he took on Hollow Da Don and Loaded Lux, I would be surprised if Clips actually comes with three full rounds of material, so even if he gets the win over Shotty, it most likely will not be a clear 3-0 victory. Finally, when you also consider that Shotty has said that this is going to be his last battle, he will likely want to leave a lasting impression with some solid material, so I would favor Shotty in this battle.

In addition to the battle between Charlie Clips and Shotty Horroh, another big international match that is set to go down at this event is the two on two match of Marlo & Shuffle-T vs. DNA & K-Shine for the Don’t Flop 2-on-2 title. This should be an interesting match, owing to the fact that while Marlo and Shuffle-T have been largely responsible for keeping 2-on-2 battles alive for the past few years, DNA and K-Shine have arguably played a much bigger role in growing the popularity of this battle format over the course of the year as they have had at least six different 2-on-2 battles in three different leagues (Don’t Flop USA, URL, and Queen of the Ring). For anyone who enjoys this type of battle, this title match should be an interesting one to watch, but if that’s not your thing, there are still plenty of other battles that look to be very promising. For example, (1) Chilla Jones and Tony D, who are both known for their exceptional lyricism are set to take on one another; (2) Pass, someone who has remained consistent and relevant within battle rap for a number of years is set to take on Raptor, who has earned a strong following in the UK battle scene in a relatively short amount of time; (3) Soul and Caustic look to settle their personal differences with one another as Soul actually punched Cuastic at the Don’t Flop birthday event a few years ago; and (4) two of the most amusing battlers from the UK and Canada, Oshea and Kid Twist, will put their wits to the test against one another. While we’ve attempted to provide a quick insight into what we see as some of the more high profile matches scheduled for the event, there are many more matches on the card, so for a more complete look at what matches are scheduled for the event, you can check out the Don’t Flop 7BW event trailer as well as the full matchup card below.

Don’t Flop 7BW matchup card

  • Shotty Horroh vs. Charlie Clips
  • Shuffle-T & Marlo vs. DNA & K-Shine (doubles title match)
  • Soul vs. Caustic
  • Raptor vs. Pass
  • Pedro vs. Uno Lavoz
  • Cruger vs. Fresco
  • Oshea vs. Kid Twist
  • Juan vs. Charron
  • Dialect vs. Gemini
  • Craft-D vs. Heretic
  • Tony D vs. Chilla Jones
  • Ogmios vs. Head ICE
  • Deffinition vs. DNA
  • Quill vs. K-Shine
  • Unanymous vs. Big T
  • Impact vs. Tech-9
  • Soljitsu vs. 100 Bulletz
  • Caustic & Pass vs. Oshea & Pedro
  • Shox The Rebel vs. Lu Cipher
  • Kade vs. KXVU SleepyGee [Sound Clash]

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