Shotty Horroh vs. Everybody

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Shotty Horroh Disses 20+ Battlers in New Track –

With his battle with Arsonal now totaling over 7 million YouTube views, along with several other strong performances in both Don’t Flop and KOTD, Shotty Horroh is undoubtedly one of the most recognizable British battlers in the scene today, so when he drops a diss record targeting over 20 different battle rappers, it’s bound to stir things up a bit. Shotty’s new track does just that by mentioning everyone from Tsu Surf, to Loaded Lux, to Hollow Da Don, and just about everyone in between. While some of the rappers, simply get a mere mention in the track, which is titled “Just Sayin,” some of them get a little bit of additional attention, such as Caustic, who Shotty says the following of: “He’s my replacement act. He only gets a job when I get stopped from boarding planes and that.” This is a reference to Caustic getting booked to fill in for battles which Shotty wasn’t able to attend, which happened first in the battle Caustic had last year against Aye Verb at the KOTD Vendetta 2 Redemption event, and then again recently when Shotty was held up while trying to make it to his rematch with Arsonal for the MASSacre card. Shotty also sent a special jab towards the current KOTD champ, Pat Stay, saying for Pat to take care of the chain until Shotty’s ready to come get it, so while it’s currently unclear if this track will help spark any interest in any of these battlers pursuing a match with Shotty, it could offer some interesting additional backstory for a high profile matchup like this to go down. Additionally, at least one of the rappers mentioned in the track, Illmaculate, has already responded. Shortly after Shotty dropped the track, Illmaculate released his own record, “New Chain,” which first addresses his upcoming KOTD title match with Pat Stay and then responds directly to Shotty in an additional verse added at the end of the track (right after the 3 minute mark at 3:10). You can check out a full list of the people Shotty calls out in the list below, followed by the two tracks: “Just Sayin” and “New Chain.”

“Just Sayin” by Shotty Horroh:

“New Chain” by Illmaculate:

List of targets Shotty calls out (in order):

  • Tsu Surf
  • Loaded Lux
  • T-Rex
  • Daylyt
  • Murda Mook
  • K-Shine
  • DNA
  • Rain
  • Big T
  • Charlie Clips
  • Conceited
  • Charron
  • Professor Green
  • Pat Stay
  • Street Star Norbes
  • Chilla Jones
  • Arcane
  • Caustic
  • Dirtbag Dan
  • Lunar C
  • John John Da Don
  • B-Magic
  • Thesaurus
  • Illmaculate
  • Hollow Da Don
  • Tay Roc
  • Shotgun Suge
  • Eurgh
  • Aye Verb

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