Born vs. Gjonaj

The Return of Gjonaj –

Prior to his PG battle in the URL, not many people were familiar with Gjonaj, but after his aggressive and amazingly lyrical performance against the Texan Gutta (BATTLE HERE), Gjonaj started to create a buzz for himself. Unfortunately, while many fans and fellow battlers were quite impressed with Gjonaj’s ability, URL went on to wait about eight more months after the battle took place before releasing it to the public in March of this year, which meant much of the buzz had died down prior to its release. Since the battle dropped though, Gjonaj has managed to gain more adoration and hype, but has remained inactive in the battle scene. As he has since explained, he had difficulty coming to an agreement to agree to any new battles, at least in part, due to an exclusivity contract he had with the URL. All of that has now changed as Gjonaj made his return to the battle rap arena on the Bar Wars platform in his home state of Michigan against Born. As another battler who is relatively unknown, Born actually had three really strong rounds, but Gjonaj seemed to give a more convincing performance as he continued to impress with his unconventional delivery and writing ability.

While the performance from both Born and Gjonaj is likely to please fans of either and create new followers for them as well, KOTD’s Organik and Gully TK were both in attendance for the battle and seemed to be equally impressed as well. With those two scouting the battle, you shouldn’t be surprised if you see Gjonaj, Born, or both on a KOTD card in the near future, and with regards to who Gjonaj might face off against next, there seem to be a few viable options. For starters, he said that he was previously given the option to battle Danja Zone, but aside from Danja Zone, two other KOTD rappers have already expressed interest in battling Gjonaj: Dizaster (see his shout-out HERE) and fellow up-and-comer Psycoses (SEEN HERE). For now, we’ll just have to wait and see what develops, but in the meantime, there’s definitely some replay value in watching the Born and Gjonaj battle a few times to catch all of the bars and elaborate wordplay:


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