Carter Deems vs. Isaac Knox

carter deems
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One of the Best PG Rated Battles –

Carter Deems has received a decent amount of exposure this year after first getting a surprise match against Illmaculate at the first B2B event and then getting booked in one of the main events at the second B2B event in a matchup against Head I.C.E. Unfortunately, fans of the feline-loving emcee didn’t get to see the latter of these two matches as it was cancelled (and replaced with a match between Chilla Jones and Dizaster) due to the fact that Carter apparently suffered from a seizure about a week prior to the event and was therefore unable to perform. While his recovery may enable this matchup to take place in the future, if you are a fan of Carter’s quirky style of writing and delivery, you should definitely check out this match between him and Isaac Knox. Knox has had a number of battles in both KOTD and GrindTime (with Dirtbag Dan being one of his most notable competitors), but perhaps due at least somewhat to his “clean” lyrics and corresponding soft image (he is a self-professed Christian rapper), he may not get as much attention as some of his more explicit/violent/vulgar counterparts in the battle rap community. However, I’d say that his style is actually a pretty good matchup for that of Carter Deems, and these two were able to come together for a rather enjoyable and humorous battle.

Carter Deems vs. Isaac Knox battle:

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