Copywrite vs. Danny Myers

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Shredder vs. Raphael –

For anyone who hasn’t heard, Dizaster recently hosted a Halloween themed battle event titled “Virus” where all of the participants wore costumes and took on alter egos for the battles. While the initial feedback from most of the people involved has been mostly positive, after the event, there has been a bit of controversy which has brought into question how much (if any) of the footage would be made available to the public. The first incident involved Daylyt and Cadalack Ron (you can hear Ron’s side of the story in his Angry Fan Radio INTERVIEW HERE), while the second issue stems from questions regarding how FilmOn was associated with the event and who knew about the company’s involvement. Although some of the controversy has not been fully resolved, thankfully, it looks like (at least some of) the battles will be released, as the first battle of the event, a showdown between Danny Myers and Copywrite has just been dropped. Since all of the battles have some theme which is derived in part from the appearance of one or both of the rappers, it seems like a perfect fit for Danny Myers to play the part of Raphael, as Danny’s resemblance to the Ninja Turtles has been brought up in a number of his previous battles. Copywrite’s character in the battle is less of a typecast, but it sticks to the theme of the battle as he took on the role of the Turtles’ nemesis Shredder. In a post battle interview (as seen HERE), Copywrite and Danny both discussed the difficulties related to writing for a character based battle like this as it limits the amount and type of material that you can pull from, but at the same time, they stressed the idea of how this type of exhibition (and battle rapping in general) is a good exercise for rappers to put their lyricism to the test in attempt to better themselves as an artist and a writer. Keeping that in mind, while both performers came with strong bars and a good performance, one of the best takeaways from this battle is the fact that while this may be Copywrite’s first venture into modern era battle rap, he may be one of the first and few “studio rappers” to step in the ring and give full respect to both the sport of battle rap and its competitors. While other rappers of this nature have stressed the idea that a high monetary incentive would be a requirement to encourage them to battle, Copywrite suggests that most of these individuals are actually too scared to put their reputation and lyricism on the line against battle rappers. Given that Copywrite holds battle rap in such high regard, hopefully he will continue to perform in battles going forward and perhaps encourage other mainstream artists to put their pens to the test against some of the greats of battle rap. In the meantime though, you can watch the Raphael vs. Shredder battle below and check out more information about Virus, including the full flyer for the event, at THIS LINK.

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