Dirtbag Dan vs. Big J

Dirtbag Dan vs. Big J - Don’t Flop
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Dirtbag Dan Performs on Magic Truffles –

In Don’t Flop’s first European event to take place outside of the UK, Dirtbag Dan was set to face Big J in Amsterdam. Given the location of the event and the leniency that it has with regards to certain behaviors, Dirtbag Dan thought it would help to make the battle more interesting to engage in some activities that he wouldn’t normally be able to do legally if the battle would’ve been held elsewhere. While most people in his situation would’ve settled for smoking a big j before the battle (pun intended), that wasn’t enough for Dan. He decided to purchase and eat some magic truffles prior to and during his battle, and while I’m sure the situation was more than what Big J had bargained for when he signed up to do the match, Dan’s decision to perform under the influence of psychedelics definitely did improve what may have otherwise been an uninteresting battle. In addition to the footage from the battle, Don’t Flop also posted a behind the scenes look at the entire process from start to finish, so if you’re interested to see what Dan was thinking leading up to his performance and afterwards, that video helps to give some additional perspective on the situation.

Dirtbag Dan vs. Big J Rap Battle:

Behind the Scenes look at Dirtbag Dan buying, eating, and tripping on the psychedelic truffles:


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