Konshis Pilot vs. J-Pro

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J-Pro Proves Himself in the URL –

While both Konshis Pilot and J-Pro have been battling for some time now, I’m sure there are still quite a few battle rap fans who aren’t very familiar with either of them. Both rappers have been active in the Fresh Coast through GrindTime and KOTD and they both have actually battled some top tier level opponents, but in their battle against one another, they each made their debut on the URL in this Proving Grounds match. While Konshis had a solid performance, J-Pro was well equipped with plenty of well-crafted similes, bars, jokes, and a seemingly unending supply of Pilot nameflips, all of which I would say gave him a convincing 3-0 win over Konshis Pilot. Additionally, J-Pro sent a number of jabs towards Rum Nitty, who was in Pilot’s corner (ironically, Nitty and Pilot both debuted on KOTD when they faced each other), so I wouldn’t be too surprised if we end up seeing a battle between J-Pro and Rum Nitty in the near future, especially since Nitty seemed eager to even the score as the attacks kept coming.

Konshis Pilot vs. J-Pro Rap Battle:


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