Marvwon vs. Caustic

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Showdown Between Friends at BOTZ –

When two friends decide to battle one another, things can sometimes get way out of hand when one or both of them try to get the upper hand in the battle by utilizing some very personal information that they have acquired about their opponent through their friendship. However, in some cases, a battle between two friends can also lead to some good laughs and great entertainment if the battlers choose to focus less on attacking their friend on a personal level and instead opt to tease, poke fun at, and roast one another. A perfect example of this is the battle that went down between Caustic and Marvwon at the Battle of the Zae (BOTZ) 4 event hosted by Dirtbag Dan. As Marvwon and Caustic state during the battle, the idea for them to battle one another actually came up at the KOTD Back 2 Basements “event” that went down a few months prior when Caustic faced off against Pass and Marvwon went against Rone. While there, the two apparently discussed the possibility of facing off against one another, and this discussion seemed to develop pretty much perfectly from that event as the vibe of this battle aligns very well with the battles that went down in Back 2 Basements in that it took place in a very lighthearted atmosphere with both the rappers and the crowd laughing and having a good time throughout. While the battle as a whole is pretty entertaining and funny to watch, its pretty clear that Caustic took the win as Marvwon had a few stumbles in both his delivery and material, while Caustic came with back to back to back punches as he delivered some of the best hitting fat jokes in battle rap since Rone’s third round against Big T at Blackout 5.



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