PH vs. Yung Casper

PH vs. Yung Casper
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PH’s Final Battle –

Honestly, this battle probably wouldn’t be very noteworthy under normal circumstances, but given that this is the last battle that PH competed in before he passed away, I do think it is worth checking out at least out of support for him, his legacy, and the things that he’s done for battle rap. Surprisingly, this battle between PH and Yung Casper took place in KOTD’s GZ (Ground Zero) league just a couple weeks before PH passed away, which has led many people to comment on the video that it seems odd that this battle was even happening given the opponent that PH was facing and the fact that it was such a low profile event compared to many of the others that have gone done this year. If you think about it though, these circumstances help to show exactly how involved in the growth of the battle rap culture Pumpkinhead was. It seems like so many battlers can become divas sometimes by always pushing for more money, bigger exposure, and more high profile opponents at major events, but when you think about the fact that PH was willing to battle someone who most people will skip over if they watch the video (seriously, Yung Casper’s voice is very annoying to listen to) in a league where many of the videos average a few thousand views each, that just helps to show that PH was really dedicated to helping the battle rap culture grow. Even if you don’t watch the full battle, I’d say that the video is worth checking out for the dedication video alone that precedes the battle, and if you feel inclined to do so, please feel free to visit the link below to make a donation to the PH memorial fund in order to honor and support a man who has played such an important role in the growth and development of the battle rap culture:

PH vs. Yung Casper battle (with tribute):

PH Memorial Fund

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