Remy’D vs. Psycoses

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Breakout Performance by Psycoses  at Back to Basics –

Following the rematch battle between Cassidy and Dizaster, there seems to be a push towards trying to capture the same “old-school” small room vibe that was present in that match. This has led to an increase in events that have utilized the pit format in contrast to the big stage events which take place in front of a large crowd. One of the first major events of the year to focus on this type of battle environment was the KOTD Back to Basics (B2B) event in April. By structuring the event in this format, one benefit is that KOTD was able to put the spotlight on some of the battlers who have great skills but currently lack a strong following. This was definitely the case with the matchup between Remy’D and Psycoses. While Remy’D has actually faced off against some big name battlers (including QP, Pass, and Hitman Holla), if you don’t watch and of the battles on the KOTD GZ channel, you likely have never heard of Psycoses prior to this battle. Overall, I would say that Psycoses had the breakout performance of the event, and based on the Introspective video KOTD did with him leading up to the battle, he looks and sounds like he has a lot of love and respect for the sport of battling. Along with being booked to face the South African Gin-I for the upcoming World Domination 5 event, Psycoses also had a match with JC at the second B2B event, so you can likely look forward to more strong performances to come from him in the near future as well.

Remy’D vs. Psycoses Battle:


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