Tricky P vs. HFK - KOTD

Tricky P vs. HFK Rematch

Rematch of the Funny Guys –

After almost seven years of hosting events and throwing battles, KOTD has seen many of its battlers come and go over the years, so it’s surprising to come across a GZ battle that has two emcees that were once considered to be a couple of the top tier funny guys in KOTD going head to head in a battle that has less than 10,000 views after being up on YouTube for nearly three months now. As Organik states before the battle, HFK and Tricky P actually battled one another at the very first KOTD event, so this battle is actually a rematch between two close friends who battled one another six and a half years earlier. While these two haven’t been headlining any KOTD events for some time, they still clearly are able to enjoy putting on a show and do a pretty good job of doing so as well. While some may criticize these two for being considered more “comedians” and less “rappers,” as HFK states in his closer, “…it’s entertainment over everything,” and these two certainly deliver in that regard.

Tricky P vs. HFK (Rematch):


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