Daylyt’s MK Scheme

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By far, one of my favorite things about battle rap is the incredible lyricism that battle emcees display. From unexpected metaphors, to intricate use of multisyllabic rhymes, to the utilization of a double (or triple) entendre, battle rappers have many unique tools which they use to craft their rounds. While putting these tools to use enables battlers to continue impressing and surprising fans battle after battle, it shouldn’t be surprising that this elaborateness in writing can sometimes cause many lines to go over some of the fans heads, at least upon the first viewing of a battle. This is exactly what happened to me with one scheme in particular after seeing the battle between Daylyt and Chilla Jones. During this battle, Daylyt started his round with several lines which were then followed by “M’kay, m’kay,” which for many people would immediately bring to mind thoughts of Mr. Mackey, the school counselor from South Park, who often ends his sentences with this phrase. While Daylyt’s continued use of this phrase made it apparent that there was likely some significance to him saying it over and over, many fans were likely clueless as to what exactly Daylyt was saying, especially if trying to make a connection between that and South Park.

After finishing the first viewing of the battle, despite my confusion, I left Daylyt’s entire “m’kay” scheme out of my head until I was later reminded of it when watching the battle between Daylyt and Charlie Clips. As seen HERE, Clips points out that the “m’kay” scheme that Daylyt used actually meant “MK,” standing for Mortal Kombat. When I heard this, things started to fall into place a little bit more, and it actually inspired me to go back and watch the battle between Daylyt and Chilla again, which then enabled me to have a much greater understanding of and appreciation for the lyricism that Daylyt put into preparing that scheme. While I am aware that many others likely understand the reference after hearing Daylyt’s Mortal Kombat scheme for the first time, from talking to others and reading online, I know that many others were left confused. Inspired by this, I thought it would be interesting to put together a video which visually and textually breaks down some of the depth of this elaborate scheme. If someone is still confused about the meaning of the scheme at this point, our video should definitely help to clear up any confusion, and even if you are someone who already understands the meaning, hopefully you can still gain some entertainment from checking out the video. Either way, you can watch our video of the MK scheme below. If you’re still not convinced or interested, I just want to add that the video has already been cosigned by the “KingPen,” Chilla Jones, who retweeted it on Twitter, which is not only greatly appreciated (Thanks Chilla!), but is also pretty impressive given that in addition to the fact that Chilla was the one facing Daylyt during this battle, he is regarded by many to be the best at utilizing schemes in his battles. Enjoy!



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