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KOTD’s mystery event, Blackout 6ix, makes its return this weekend (19th-20th of February 2016), and with all of the battlers now announced, we’ve put together our predictions for which battlers will face each other at the event. For anyone not yet familiar with the Blackout format, KOTD has been steadily releasing video announcements for the individual battlers who will be battling at Blackout 6ix, while the fans will not know who will face whom until right before each match takes place. The only confirmed matchups to be announced prior to the event are the title match (between current champion Illmaculate and the challenger Rone) and the main event for day one (trailer for the announcement below). For the main event, there was some talk a few years ago about this matchup going down, but until recently, many had given up on the possibility that it would go down, leading to a great deal of anticipation for what will happen now that the match has been set up. As for the title match, many were already viewing Rone as the number one contender for the chain prior to the announcement, making this not much of a surprise, but a good matchup with a lot of potential nonetheless. Personally, I’ve gone back and forth on who I think will win the title match, and while I think it will ultimately come down to who the judges are and what they prefer, I’m going to predict a 2-1 victory for the current champ Illmac as I think that if he comes with the same level of preparation he had for the title match with Pat Stay, whatever angles he brings should definitely be enough to counteract Rone’s strengths of his cadence/flow/delivery and humor.
With regards to the predictions for the rest of the card, some of these are based on things that have happened historically, but most of them are just guesses based on which battlers might be a good fit to face one another. With regards to the ones that I feel confident in predicting, a couple of matches that I think are likely to go down at Blackout 6ix due to the fact that they were previously scheduled for other events prior to being canceled are Big T vs. Daylyt and Carter Deems vs. Head I.C.E. Specifically, Daylyt and Big T were scheduled to go head to head at URL’s Traffic event (TRAILER HERE), while Carter Deems and Head I.C.E. were supposed to face off at KOTD’s Back to Basics 2 (TRAILER HERE) before both matches were cancelled for various reasons. Another match that seems likely to take place is Gjonaj vs. Psycoses. While this wasn’t a match that was previously scheduled, a lot of fans have been requesting for this match to go down since the two of them were seen as a couple of the breakthrough battlers of 2015, with Psycoses acknowledging this in an interview where he personally requested the match with Gjonaj (INTERVIEW HERE). Aside from these three matches, the only other match that I feel a little bit of confidence in predicting is a battle between Charron and Cortez based on the fact that Charron has previously discussed interest in going against Cortez on multiple occasions, including a line in his previous battle with John John Da Don (HERE) and an interview with Angry Fan Radio (INTERVIEW HERE). To see all of our predictions for the Blackout 6ix matches, check out the list below, as well as the trailer for the main event which previews how the battlers will be announced before their matches at Blackout 6ix.

Main Event Trailer:

Blackout 6ix matchup predictions
• Illmaculate vs. Rone (TITLE MATCH)
• Iron Solomon vs. Dizaster (MAIN EVENT)
• Big T vs. Daylyt
• Pat Stay vs. Serius Jones
• Charron vs. Cortez
• Carter Deems vs. Head I.C.E.
• Gjonaj vs. Psycoses
• Born vs. J-Pro
• Pass vs. Bishop Brigante
• The Saurus vs. Chedda Cheese
• Arsonal vs. Quill
• T-Rex vs. Caustic
• Knamelis vs. Skelly
• Lexx Luthor vs. Jay Rell
• Shotti P vs. Realiztic

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