KOTD World Domination 5 Preview (#WD5)

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Upcoming KOTD WD5 Matches –

With all of the matches now announced, one of KOTD’s largest events of the year, World Domination 5 is now set to kick off in just over a week. While the matchup announcements have helped to spark additional interest in the event, given that the KOTD World Domination events are known for including rappers from a variety of countries, a number of people have spoken out online against the fact that 4 of the 15 battles are set to include two Americans facing one another. This complaint seems a bit trivial though given that two of these battles (Dizaster vs. Dumbfoundead & Daylyt vs. Iron Solomon) are set to be high profile matches as they have been booked as two of the main events of the weekend. Also, previous World Domination events have had multiple matches with two competitors from the same country, and with this year’s event having battlers from five different countries, the battle for global supremacy theme is still well represented.

One of the main events which does pair up to emcees from different countries will be the Arsonal vs. Shotty Horroh rematch which was set to take place at KOTD’s Massacre event before it was postponed when Shotty was unable to enter the USA. It was obvious that Arsonal was using some of the material he had written for Shotty when he had a last minute (one round) replacement match with Caustic at that event, so it will be interesting to see if Arsonal saved some of his best material to use against the man it was originally intended for. Aside from that, given that the original matchup between these two has become the most viewed (English language) battle on YouTube, it seems like many are doubtful that this match will live up to the hype, and most are just hoping that it doesn’t tarnish the legacy of what is considered to be one of the most classic debatable matchups in battle rap history.

The final main event for World Domination will be a KOTD title match between Pat Stay and Illmaculate. Both of these two have been on a pretty solid winning streak over the past couple of years, so it’s difficult to predict who will come out wearing the KOTD title chain. While it can be argued that Illmac has recently had pretty solid victories over some top tier opponents like Charlie Clips, Real Deal, and DNA, Pat Stay has done pretty well himself by having more successful title defenses than any previous KOTD champion after beating Dizaster, Daylyt, and most recently, Charron. In addition to having strong winning records, both rappers are known for taking unique angles and breaking down their opponents, so it will be nice if they can delve into some things that haven’t really been said about their opponent in the past. For example, one of the things that is often brought up to both of them is the fact that they have both had battles against their close friends, with Pat battling Hollohan, and Illmac facing off against his good friend and battle partner Thesaurus, so it would be a bit odd if either of them decides to call out the other for not respecting the boundaries between business and friendship. For a full summary of the battles on the card, check out the event trailer and card lineup below.

KOTD World Domination 5 Trailer:

 World Domination matchup card:
• Pat Stay (Canada) vs. Illmaculate (USA) – TITLE MATCH
• Dizaster (USA) vs. Dumbfoundead (USA)
• Kid Twist (Canada) vs. Rone (USA)
• Bender (Canada) vs. Soul (Scotland)
• The Saurus (USA) vs. Deffinition (England)
• Psycoses (USA) vs. Gin I (South Africa)
• Pass (USA) vs. Chilla Jones (USA)
• Arsonal (USA) vs. Shotty Horroh (England)
• Sketch Menace (Canada) vs. Eurgh (England)
• Daylyt (USA) vs. Iron Solomon (USA)
• Quake Matthews (Canada) vs. Lexx Luthor (USA)
• Charron (Canada) vs. John John Da Don (USA)
• Tycoon Tax (Canada) vs. J-Pro (USA)
• 100 Bulletz (Canada) vs. DNA (USA)
• Real Deal (USA) vs. Head ICE (USA)

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