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As one of the staple events for KOTD, World Domination has consistently operated with the theme of hosting battlers from a variety of countries, with several international battles, and this weekend, on August 26-28, 2016, the league is set to continue this tradition with World Domination 6ix. While a few of the battles will feature two fellow countrymen facing off against one another, the event will feature battlers from five different countries. As one of the battles featuring two Americans, the main event for World Domination 6ix will actually feature two battlers who have faced one another over six years ago (BATTLE HERE) as Caustic is set to challenge Rone for the KOTD title. Both battlers have grown considerably since their original battle, so it’ll be interesting to see how different their approaches are this time around, especially with the elevated status both battlers have received since then. Personally, I feel like Caustic should have been given the victory in the previous matchup, but as Rone was actually awarded the judges’ decision, I would suspect that the chance at retribution should motivate Caustic to prove he is the better battler and get the victory this time around.


As one of the other main events for World Domination 6ix, Pat Stay vs. Serius Jones was actually supposed to go down earlier this year at KOTD’s Blackout 6ix event. I haven’t seen too much hype going around for this matchup, but as Serius Jones was considerably upset by the fact that Pat Stay had to back out of the original battle due to issues with his voice (INTERVIEW HERE), the background for this match helps to add an additional layer of anticipation. Additionally, I am personally looking forward to this match as it is one of the few Blackout battles that I accurately predicted (BLOG HERE), which left me feeling disappointed after it was canceled at that event. I expect Serius to have at least one good round that he can win convincingly, but as Pat is a great competitor and a fan favorite in Toronto, I expect Pat to be able to capture a 2-1 victory.


Recently, Bonnie Godiva has begun to receive a lot of hate online as she has started to push for more opportunities for herself and other female battlers, while explicitly expressing her interest towards eventually receiving a shot at the KOTD title. Part of the hate she’s received stems from the fact that some fans have misinterpreted what she said as meaning that she thinks she immediately deserves a shot at the title, but she has since made attempts to clarify that she simply wants to receive opportunities to prove her worthiness to challenge for the chain. As someone who unsuccessfully challenged for the chain before, Charron has also recently stated that he wants to take another stab at the KOTD title, so after it was announced that the two would be facing off against one another at World Domination 6ix, there has since been speculation that a victory for either of these two at World Domination 6ix would help to set in motion a path towards eventually challenging for the title. In addition to that, Charron recently stated (INTERVIEW HERE) that one of the major reasons he wanted to battle Bonnie was that she was one of the few people who agreed to have the battle judged and put money on the line, so regardless of what happens after the match, the fact that there’s money on the line, paired with the idea that both are eager to prove their worthy of wearing the KOTD chain, should help to ensure that both Charron and Bonnie Godiva come ready to fight at World Domination 6ix. Ultimately, the person you think wins this match might depend on personal preference as I don’t find their styles to be that similar. Personally though, I think Charron will get the victory pretty clearly, especially in the building, and should have no problem guaranteeing a win in this battle.


In addition to the matches above, there are several other battles that fans should be on the lookout for at World Domination 6ix, and that I personally expect to have some great performances. For example, Chilla Jones and Arcane are set to face off against one another, and with both of them being absent from KOTD for over a year, they should both look to reestablish themselves, especially Arcane as some fans refuse to let him off the hook for the ghostwriting. Another battler making his return to KOTD at World Domination 6ix is Unanymous, who hasn’t battled there since he took on HFK in 2012 (BATTLE HERE). Unanymous was actually recently banned from his home league of Don’t Flop after some heated exchanges with Don’t Flop staff, so in addition to attacking his opponent, we can likely expect him to take some jabs at Don’t Flop, which is interesting since his opponent, Sketch Menace, has his own history with Don’t Flop staff, as evidenced by the battle he had with “DizastEURGH” after Eurgh backed out at the last minute prior to his scheduled battle with Sketch at the last World Domination event.

There are definitely some other additional battles that have a lot of promise, but one final matchup that is definitely worth mentioning is Madflex vs. Aftershock. With regards to Aftershock, after he recently challenged DDSS for GZ title (BATTLE HERE), many people felt like Aftershock should have been awarded the victory, so it’s nice to see that even though he didn’t win that title, his strong performance in that battle has helped to continue his momentum towards the main stage. His opponent, Madflex, is another battler who has also been grinding hard, but he has only recently started to get some shine. Interestingly, Madflex actually wrote an article on battlerap.com back in 2014 (BLOG HERE) discussing how hard work in the ring isn’t enough to propel battlers to the next level of their careers, and he now has been given a shot at World Domination 6ix after an innovative online campaign. Madflex recently launched this campaign online, with an especially strong presence in KOTD’s Talkback group on Facebook, and with many fans getting behind the effort and showing their support (myself included), I think this effort, paired with his recent performances in the ring, helped to ensure he wasn’t overlooked when the World Domination 6ix lineup was put together. Altogether, even if you aren’t familiar with all of the names on the World Domination 6ix card, there are plenty of battles worth getting pumped up for, including those from the GZ card on Day 3 (personally, I’m especially looking forward to A Ward take on Franchise after A Ward’s amazing performance against Saint Mic (BATTLE HERE). Be sure to check out the trailer and full matchup card below for all the details.


KOTD World Domination 6ix matchup card

  • Rone vs. Caustic (Title Match)
  • Iron Solomon vs. Charlie Clips
  • Arsonal vs. Cortez
  • Pat Stay vs. Serius Jones
  • Charron vs. Bonnie Godiva
  • Head I.C.E. vs. Big-T
  • 100 Bulletz vs. Real Deal
  • The Saurus vs. Tumi
  • Pnut vs. Shotti P
  • Arcane vs. Chilla Jones
  • Illipsis vs. Quill
  • Sketch Menace vs. Unanymous
  • Realiztic vs. Dunn D
  • Madflex vs. Aftershock

Day 3 – GZ matchup card

  • Krome vs. JeFFrey
  • Franchise vs. A Ward
  • Step Easy vs. Frak
  • Tez vs. Dunsh
  • Lil G vs. Kaveman Brown
  • Alias the @ikt vs. Micky Worthless

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