Black Ice Cartel: The Format 2

Black Ice Cartel: Format 2
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Black Ice Comes to NY: The Format 2 –

On this Sunday, December 10, 2015, one of the best up-and-coming battle leagues, Black Ice Cartel (based in  Milwaukee), will host The Format 2 event, the league’s first event in New York. This event has some great potential for some classic small room battles, with the headlining matchup of the night featuring Charlie Clips and Danny Myers. In a promotional video for their matchup (SEEN HERE) Charlie stated that this will likely be one of only two matches that he will take throughout the course of 2016, which seems a bit unlikely given how much he overbooked himself with big matchups back to back to back in 2015, but then again, perhaps it’s because of this overbooking that Charlie needs to take a break for a while and focus on some other things besides battling. Assuming that what he says is true though, we should expect to see Charlie put a lot of effort into this battle since he shouldn’t have any other battles distracting him, but given his reputation for showing up without three full rounds, compounded with the fact that this is a smaller event on a smaller league, I would be extremely surprised if Charlie doesn’t depend on freestyles to get him through at least the majority of one round, if not more. On the other hand, Danny Myers similarly takes on many battles in various leagues, but unlike Clips, Myers always seems to put 100% of this energy into writing and preparing for any given performance. When you combine this with the fact that Charlie Clips is considered by many people to be one of the GOATs of battle rap, a title Danny has expressed many times that he wants to achieve himself, you can pretty much guarantee that Myers will show up to the battle for more motivated (and prepared) than Clips. Given that, I would predict Myers to walk away with a 2-1 victory.

Who has the best pen in battle rap?

Following his battle with 100 Bulletz at KOTD’s Back to Basics 2 event in June 2015, QP did an interview in which he criticized and called out Chilla Jones (INTERVIEW HERE), stating that Chilla essentially modeled his style after QP and that Chilla should acknowledge that fact. Most people would agree that for both Chilla and QP, their primary strengths are their pen game, but in the past, both battlers have been criticized for their lack of performance compared to their lyricism. While both have shown some noticeable improvements in this area over the last year or so, I would argue that Chilla has made much bigger strides in this area, even claiming one of the biggest bodybags of 2015 against Prep (BATTLE HERE). Since then though, QP has increased his interest in a battle with Chilla, by first calling him out multiple times during his battle against Bonnie Godiva (BATTLE HERE), and he then recently took things a step further when he called into the Angryfan Radio and accused Chilla of stealing material from other battlers who are lesser known (INTERVIEW HERE).  Perhaps the biting accusations will give QP the motivation and ammunition he needs in order to take the win (he has said that he’ll retire if he loses a single round to Chilla), but with the performance advantage, I would give the edge to Chilla for the win. You can see Chilla’s thoughts on the matchup as well as the full matchup card below, but to see what QP is referencing in the biting allegations, check out the original scheme from Kansas City rapper 58 Names HERE and Chilla’s similar “divine scheme” HERE.

Black Ice Cartel Format 2 matchup card:

  • Charlie Clips vs. Danny Myers
  • Danja Zone vs. DNA
  • Qleen Paper vs. K-Shine
  • QP vs. Chilla Jones
  • Gwitty vs. Hazey
  • Capboy vs. Pvper
  • Example vs. Jai Smoove


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