Black Ice Cartel War Season

Black Ice Returns to Brooklyn

While many leagues try to build up hype for their events over the course of weeks or even months prior to the events taking place, I was recently caught off guard to see that Black Ice Cartel dropped the trailer for its upcoming War Season event a mere five days before the event is set to go down. The event will take place on Saturday, July 30, 2016, and will be the second time that the Milwaukee-based Cartel will hold an event in Brooklyn, after its Format 2 event, went down there at the end of last year. As War Season was announced so unexpectedly with little time to build up hype around the matches, I assumed the card wouldn’t have many (if any matches) worth looking out for, but it seems that the suddenness was likely in part due to the fact that there won’t be a pay-per-view for the event as the league is trying to limit bootlegging issues that have come up with previous events. Surprisingly, in addition to featuring some recognizable battlers who have been feature on previous Black Ice events, the event will also feature a couple of big names who will be making their league debuts at War Season.


The headliner matchup for War Season will feature Charlie Clips against Qleen Paper, and while this match could likely have some potential under the right circumstances, I predict that Qleen will pick up an easy 3-0. Over the last year or so, Clips has started to show signs that he doesn’t have as much passion for the sport of battle rap lately, as evidenced in his lackluster performance from his latest match against Rum Nitty (BATTLE HERE), and many fans have started to return the favor by having equally less interest in Charlie’s performances. When you consider that and then see that Qleen has continued to evolve his writing over the last couple of years and that Black Ice Cartel has become his home league, I don’t have much confidence in Clips taking a single round of this matchup. Still, Clips might get lucky and get a round if he has some really good freestyles and/or Qleen chokes (as he’s been prone to do in the past), but even then, I still don’t think Clips will give enough to get the victory.


Next on the lineup is an inter-gender match between C3 and DNA. While many fans were recently calling for DNA to cut back on the number of battles he was booking in order to reduce the oversaturation, he has recently started to receive more positive feedback from his battles, including one of his latest performances as the surprise opponent against Dizaster (BATTLE HERE) in a rematch of one of the most viewed battles of all time. In comparison to DNA though, I’m admittedly not as familiar with C3, but while I may be in the minority on this, I actually liked her performance against Tay Roc (BATTLE HERE). I know most fans think Tay Roc bodybagged C3, but personally, I’m not a huge Tay Roc fan to begin with, and I wasn’t very impressed with what he was saying compared to what C3 brought to the ring in that matchup. Overall, it’s hard to predict DNA battles given how hit or miss he can be, but I think he’ll likely get the victory 2-1.


QP and Danja Zone are no strangers to the Cartel stage, but both of their opponents will be making their Cartel debuts at War Season. First up, QP will be taking on Marvwon in what I see as an interesting style clash as QP relies largely on intricate wordplay, while Marvwon has a more laidback and direct style that often leans heavily on jokes. Similarly, Danja Zone, who is regarded as being another battler with one of the best pens in battle rap, will be taking on someone who is known for his often animated performances: Big T. Both of these matchups are difficult to predict and will likely be difficult to determine a winner even after they are finished as the overall judgment will probably come down to personal preference, so I’ll simply have to predict a 2-1 either way for both matchups. Again, there will be no PPV for this event, so make sure you’re subscribed to the Black Ice YouTube channel to get any updates on the battles when they drop. In the meantime though, you can check out the full matchup card and trailer for War Season event below.

Black Ice Cartel War Season matchup card

  • Charlie Clips vs. Qleen Paper
  • DNA vs. C3
  • Marvwon vs. QP
  • Danja Zone vs. Big T
  • Killa B vs. Heartless
  • Bankhead vs. Re Up Snub
  • 100k vs. Kyd Slade
  • Capboy Hurt vs. Tapedeck
  • G Face vs. Aura
  • Da Example vs. Who Sane

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