Go-Rilla Warfare: The Crown 2

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The Crown 2: 2015’s Biggest Midwest Battle Event

Despite the fact that the Midwest has produced a number of top tier battle rappers over the years, the battle scene in the Midwest is often overshadowed by the more prominent presence of battle events that take place on the east and west coasts. Still, while the coasts have hold some memorable battles and host some entertaining events over the year, there have been a large number of events, albeit on a much larger scale, that have continued to go down in the Midwest. Now, this weekend, on November 21, 2015, Go-Rilla Warfare will host The Crown 2 event, which will not only be the biggest Midwest event of the year, but it will also be packed with some of the promising matches of the year, regardless of location.

It’s showtime for Tsu Surf

Aye Verb is looked at by many battle fans as being one of the godfathers of the Midwest battle rap movement as he is one of the first battlers to bring attention to the region and its battle scene. Through his rise in battle rap, he was also one of the first Midwest rappers to travel to and have high profile matches in the east coast. Over the years, many have started to say that Aye Verb has fallen off and is no longer as relevant as he was once, and this was emphasized even more after his last big battle when he took on and lost rather decisively to K-Shine in their battle at N.O.M.E. 5 (BATTLE HERE). On the other hand, his opponent at The Crown 2, Tsu Surf, has continued to have strong performances and debatable matchups over the last few years, so most people I’ve heard from seem to be giving the edge to Tsu Surf for this battle. Personally, I think that Aye Verb at his best would beat Tsu Surf pretty decisively, especially considering that The Crown 2 is taking place in the Midwest, which would seemingly give Verb the advantage with the crowd. Additionally, the fact that the battle is going down in Chicago could factor against Surf since he has never had a major battle outside of the east coast, but given the trend that Verb has been on over the last couple of years, unless he comes fully prepared and ready to prove something, I wouldn’t be surprised if he loses 2-1, if not 3-0 to Surf.

Mirror match for Charlie Clips?

Charlie Clips has had a very busy year, taking on some of the most prestigious competitors in battle rap, including Hollow Da Don, Loaded Lux, and Shotty Horroh, so it’s difficult to say if he will approach his battle at The Crown 2 with 100% focus. This is especially true when considering that his match with Shotty was just one week prior to The Crown 2, and it was then followed up with an unplanned impromptu match with Quill (see Clips and Quill discuss that match in an INTERVIEW HERE). This can be further emphasized by the fact that Charlie’s opponent, Big Kannon, is someone that is perhaps not as well known by some of the newer fans as he has not been featured very prominently on Charlie’s primary battle grounds of the URL over the last few years. Putting that aside though, Kannon has had some classic performances on the URL stage in the past, and he has continued to have some entertaining battles as a member of Writers Bloque, including his recent matchup with fellow Bloque member JC on RBE (BATTLE HERE). Altogether, the match between Charlie Clips and Big Kannon has the potential to be a classic as the two actually have some similarities between them with regards to not only their appearance (which Charlie references in The Crown 2 trailer), but also their gift of combining their bars with their ability to freestyle, rebuttal, joke around, and still perform with aggression. Historically, Charlie Clips has had some classic performances on the Go-Rilla Warfare stage, including his battles with JC (BATTLE HERE) and Hitman Holla (BATTLE HERE), so the fact that the battle is taking place in Big Kannon’s hometown of Chicago and in his league may not be enough to ensure that Kannon will get the win over Clips. Still, when you also consider the fact that Kannon may have more time to focus and prepare for the match as well as the fact that he seemingly has more to prove than Charlie does, I would favor Kannon to win. Check out the trailer and full matchup card for Go-Rilla Warfare’s The Crown 2 event below, and feel free to share your thoughts on the event and battles in the comments section.

Go-Rilla Warfare Crown 2 matchup card

  • Aye Verb vs. Tsu Surf
  • Charlie Clips vs. Big Kannon
  • Math Hoffa vs. Bigg K
  • Lady Luck vs. O’fficial
  • Daylyt vs. O-Red
  • Ill Will vs. K-Shine
  • John John Da Don vs. Young Kannon
  • JC vs. Born
  • Xcel vs. Heavy Half

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