RBE Starting 5

Team Homi vs. Writers Bloque –

Over the last few years, there has been a major shift to where the vast majority of battles are no longer judged, so when RBE recently announced that its upcoming event, Starting 5 (going down Saturday, February 27, 2016), will feature five matches which will all be judged, it seems like that should be enough to already catch the attention of fans. In addition to the matches being judged though, all of the battles at Starting 5 will be made up of battlers from two groups: Team Homi and Writers Bloque. Personally, I think this looks like a very interesting idea as it elevates the competitive aspect of the battles as the battlers are not only putting their own reputation on the line, but also that of their crew.

For the most part, I actually do think that it’s a good thing that most battles are not formally judged nowadays based on the fact that judged battles can sometimes lose their replay value and the subjectivity of judging battles can lead to controversial or wrong decisions being made with regards to the winner. However, one of the major downfalls to not having battles judged is that it means there is less on the line for the battlers, which can lead to some people showing up with half-assed performances just to pick up a check. Because of this, I think the format of the Starting 5 event will perhaps help to reinvigorate some of the lost love that some battlers have for the competition aspect of battle rap, and depending on the success of this event, I think we can look forward to seeing more events like this (from RBE or other battle leagues) in the future. Something else that will be interesting to see from Starting 5 though is how the individual judging will play out. ARP has said that there will be different methods of judging utilized for each battle, with some being based on the votes from just a couple of people, while others will be opened up to the fans in attendance. Ultimately, the results of some judged matchups might come down to the individual preferences of the people judging them, but for my prediction, I expect Writers Bloque to come out of Starting 5 with the victory by winning 3 of the 5 battles, if not 4. Be sure to check out the full trailer for the Starting 5 event, in addition to the full matchup card, below.

Starting 5 matchup card (Writers Bloque vs. Team Homi)

  • Danny Myers vs. Swave Sevah
  • B Magic vs. Money Bagz
  • Big Kannon vs. Xcel
  • JC vs. J Murda
  • Ooops vs. Mackk Myron

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