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Back to the small rooms –

Over the last couple of years, URL has seemed to put a higher emphasis on bigger stage events, reserving the smaller room battles primarily for PG matchups and events. Big stage events definitely add a different element to the mix as the vibe of an event or battle can be greatly elevated in that environment, but in the past, URL has hosted some classic battles in small room events. For example, URL’s original Born Legacy event, which went down in December 2013, hosted some small room battles like Ill Will vs. B-Magic and Charlie Clips vs. Tsu Surf, and with the upcoming Born Legacy 2 event (taking place on March 6, 2016), URL looks to recapture the vibe and atmosphere of that event. Personally, I think this is a great move as a lot of the bigger events build up much more anticipation and expectations, making them so much more disappointing if the battles aren’t absolute classics. In contrast, a lot of the smaller room battles have a much more authentic feel to them that is more in line with some of the earlier forms of the sport of battle rap. If you look at some of the smaller room battles that have been put out from other leagues (as well as the URL Proving Grounds) over the last couple of years, there’s a certain level and type of energy that isn’t present in the bigger room battles. Because of this, I think there is a lot of potential for some classic matchups to come from Born Legacy 2.

It’s in the car

While most of the card for Born Legacy 2 has a lot of potential for close matchups, there’s one in particular that stands out for having a high likelihood for having the bodybag of the night: Chess vs. Reed Dollaz. Chess is one of the upcoming PGs who has started to make quite a name for himself, especially considering he is still pretty young, but in comparison, Reed Dollaz has lost a lot of respect over the last couple of years as people are increasingly starting to overlook the legacy he built for himself after his last battle against John John Da Don at NOME IV. Overall, the battle is most famously remembered for the “It’s in the car” line from Reed (SEEN HERE), but if you actually go back and watch the entire battle, you can see that most of what Reed was saying was very low quality lyricism compared to the standards of modern era battle rap, with some of the lines being extremely suspect. For example, at one point, Reed even said, “Since you pussy, we gon’ fuck you,” and then refused to pause anything that he said (SEEN HERE). With Reed using lines like that, I think it’s highly unlikely that his pen game has evolved enough within less than two years for him to be able to compete with Chess, so I predict that Chess will probably get the 3-0 victory.

Potential battle of the night

In addition to the battle between Chess and Reed, Born Legacy 2 will also feature the main event battle between Cortez and Chilla Jones as well as some matchups between some Proving Grounds battlers who have done very well in their recent battles, but the match I’m most looking forward to from this event is Ave vs. Rum Nitty. Rum Nitty has built a reputation for himself largely outside of URL by having some big name matchups in leagues like KOTD, but so far, he hasn’t really got a big push in URL. While his opponent for Born Legacy 2, Ave, is not really a top tier battler, he definitely has the potential to make it there in the near future. In his last two battles in the PGs, against Nunn Nunn (BATTLE HERE) and Mike P (BATTLE HERE), Ave two pretty decisive victories after he had the rooms going crazy with continuous back to back punches. When you pair this up against someone like Rum Nitty who is very bar-heavy with a lot of complex wordplay, I think it offers a lot of possibility for a very debatable classic with a lot of replay value. Overall, I’m hopeful that Born Legacy 2 is just the start of URL putting an increasing emphasis on booking classic matchups in this type of environment, but to check out the full trailer and matchup card for Bron Legacy 2, check out the info below.

URL Born Legacy 2 matchup card

  • Cortez vs. Chilla Jones
  • Ave vs. Rum Nitty
  • Chess vs. Reed Dollaz
  • Ty Law vs. Cyssero
  • Mike P vs. Tink Da Demon
  • Young X vs. DOT
  • Bonus vs. Nunn Nunn
  • Bangz vs. Jerry Wess
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