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URL Presents Street Talk ENT’s DOA –

On this Saturday, February 13, 2016, URL will head to Pittsburgh, PA to help host the DOA event alongside Street Talk ENT. As a whole, the DOA card is a little bit underwhelming, especially considering this is the first major URL card of the year, so I would be willing to guess that URL might just be handling the promotion and footage aspect of things, while Street Talk is responsible for most of the behind the scenes management of the event. Personally, I’m most interested in the match between Writers Bloque members Rum Nitty and Danja Zone, but the main event of the card will feature Real Deal against Aye Verb, which (based on the venue and Aye Verb’s latest performances) I’m predicting will be pretty one-sided in favor of Real Deal. Given that Aye Verb has spent a good portion of his battle career performing on the road, I don’t think that the Pittsburgh venue will necessarily work against him, but it may help to give an edge to Real Deal as he will probably feel more comfortable at home, with the crowd possibly giving him more support and reaction than they may immediately give to Aye Verb. When you pair this with the fact that Aye Verb has lost a lot of momentum over the last year after following up a clear loss to K-Shine (BATTLE HERE) with a flat performance against Tsu Surf (BATTLE HERE), I can’t imagine that Aye Verb will outdo what he had in those last two matches when he’s set to face someone who’s quite frankly not held in the same regard as those last two opponents (that’s not to say that Real Deal isn’t as good or better than Surf or Shine, but those two definitely seem to get listed in fans’ top fives a lot more than Real Deal’s name does). I will note that many fans seem to be in agreement that Verb took the match against Surf, but when considering that it was a pretty uneventful and boring battle as a whole, I would not use that win as in indication that he will have anything groundbreaking to say against Real Deal, leading me to predict a 3-0 win for Real Deal. For additional details regarding this event, check out the trailer and full matchup card below.

DOA matchup card

  • Real Deal vs. Aye Verb
  • Rum Nitty vs. Danja Zone
  • Swave Sevah vs. Th3 Saga
  • E Ness vs. Steams
  • Chronic LZ vs. Heartless
  • D Banks vs. ??????
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