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URL Redemption
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URL’s Rookies vs. Vets Part II –

In what many are calling URL’s “Rookies vs. Vets Part II,” the upcoming “Redemption” card looks to once again put some of the more seasoned battlers against performers who have a little less experience on the URL main stage. During the Rookies vs. Vets event in March, some of the newcomers were able to make bigger names for themselves with fans who may not have seen the previous battles that these rappers had in the UFF or Proving Grounds, but some of the rookies stumbled a bit in what could have been their breakthrough performances. This was the case when Chess went against DNA as Chess’s rounds were more memorable for his regurgitation than they were for his bars. Chess will now have a shot at redemption when he teams up with Steams to take on DNA & K-Shine in a battle that will introduce the 2 on 2 format to the URL stage. In should be interesting to see if the URL crowd is receptive to this format of battle, but DNA & K-Shine have already been getting plenty of practice teaming up together in the Don’t Flop USA league, taking on Syah Boy & John John Da Don, Aye Verb & Hitman Holla, and Big Kannon & Young Kannon.

For over a year now, people have been pushing for T-Rex and Danny Myers to battle, and Redemption will finally enable this matchup to go down. There’s actually a lot of documented history leading up to this match, so fans will be looking for both battlers to deliver some of their best material. While fan interest helped to put the idea into motion initially, after Danny Myers had a bit of a falling out with URL, the proposed matchup never came to fruition, so Myers worked to make things happen on his own by paying $12,000 of his own money to T-Rex. Although the battle was then set to take place in a much smaller league, things continued to stall for various reasons, but after months of things going back and forth, the battle is finally happening on the URL stage. Danny has said on multiple occasions that he thinks T-Rex is overrated, so when you combine that idea along with the history these two have leading up to the battle, it seems like Danny has a lot to prove in what will be his biggest matchup to date in the URL. For additional background regarding this matchup, as well a full list of the battles on the card, check out the videos and info below.

Danny Myers on T-Rex Battle

URL Redemption Trailer

URL’s Redemption matchup card:

  • T-Rex vs. Danny Myers
  • Tay Roc vs. Brizz Rawsteen
  • T Top vs. Shotgun Suge
  • Bill Collector vs. DOT
  • Chilla Jones vs. Prep
  • DNA & K-Shine VS Chess & Steams (2 on 2 Battle)

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