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URL’s First West Coast Event –

A major part of the URL branding is that the league is based in New York in the birthplace of hip-hop, with a fan base that is arguably much more critical and less forgiving than fans in other leagues are in different locations. With this in mind, the fact that the Ultimate Rap League is set to have its first event on the west coast may likely change the future for both itself and other leagues as well. On August 1, a week after URL’s Redemption event, URL will host its Traffic card in LA. A couple of the bigger battles of the night include Big T vs. Daylyt, as well as a matchup of fellow Writer’s Bloque members Danny Myers and Danja Zone. While these matchups shouldn’t disappoint, it will perhaps be even more interesting to see what the long term impact of this event will be. Depending on the success of the event, this could potentially lead to URL holding more events in different locations which could in turn enable a larger variety of matchups and performers on the URL stage, as well as making it easier for rappers to transition to URL from other leagues and vice versa.

URL Traffic Trailer:

URL’s Traffic matchup card:

  • Daylyt vs. Big T
  • KG the Poet vs. B Magic
  • Danny Myers vs. Danja Zone
  • Rum Nitty vs. Chess
  • Young Kannon vs. Steams
  • Tink Da Demon vs. Diesel


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