URL’s Summer Madness 5 Preview

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The Super Bowl of Battle Rap? –

When URL announced that Summer Madness 5 tickets were on sale but refused to provide any details regarding who would be battling, many fans began to suspect that the card may turn out to be a bit of a disappointment. Still, given that this yearly event is touted as “The Super Bowl of Battle Rap,” most of us still maintained some hope that the card would leave a lot of potential for several classic matchups. Now that the card has officially been announced though (over a month after tickets went on sale), it looks like people may have been correct to assume that this event would be a letdown. To be fair, the card isn’t horrible overall for a battle event in general, but given that Summer Madness is looked at as being one of the biggest events of the year, it seems fair to say that this is less like the Super Bowl and more like the World Series…..of Little League.

Prior to the release of the official Summer Madness trailer, the only match that had been confirmed to be on the card was the rescheduled 2 on 2 of DNA & K Shine vs. Chess & Steams. Of course, considering that this match was set up after the previous match was cut short due to an altercation between the two teams (you can see the altercation, the cancellation of the match, and the announcement of the rematch HERE), it seems fitting that the rematch was announced prior to any others since many were left feeling like the outcome of the original battle was still undecided. Given the fact that what fans got to see in the original matchup has been received positively and that these two teams now have a bit of history and unfinished business with each other, this match should be pretty interesting to watch, provided that everyone can maintain their cool and not get into another fight during the battle.

While the two on two was the only confirmed battle on the card leading up to the release of the Summer Madness trailer, a lot of the buzz going around was that Loaded Lux would be making his return to the URL stage. Some suggested that Lux might be set to face off against Daylyt, but many presumed that it was more likely for him to take on Charlie Clips. The latter of these two assumptions proved to be accurate, as it has now been confirmed that Loaded Lux will go against Clips in Lux’s first battle on URL since his classic matchup against Calicoe three years ago at Summer Madness 2. While some may argue that Lux has actually taken some steps back since the Calicoe battle based on the idea that he followed up his memorable performance against Calicoe with a debatable match against Hollow Da Don and an arguable loss against Murda Mook, given that Lux and Clips have a lot of history together (partly stemming from the fact that both are from Harlem, but also because Charlie Clips actually started his battle career by battling in Lux’s Lionz Den), it should be safe to assume that both are going to come to the battle with something to prove. If that assumption is true, the only disappointment about this match would probably be that the high price tag for booking it may be at least part of the reason that more high profile performers and matches were not able to be booked for Summer Madness. Overall, we’ll just have to wait to see if the people on the card show up to prove why they deserve to perform in what was supposed to be one of the biggest events of the year as Summer Madness 5 is set to go down September 26, but in the meantime, you can check out the entire matchup card as well as the official trailer for Summer Madness below now.

Summer Madness 5 matchup card:

  • Tay Roc vs. Calicoe
  • Big T vs. Shotgun Suge
  • DNA & K Shine vs. Chess & Steams
  • John John Da Don vs. Mr. Wavy
  • Hustle vs. Official
  • T Rex vs. T Top
  • Loaded Lux vs. Charlie Clips

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