Psycoses vs. Gin-I

[su_quote cite=”Psycoses (watch it)” url=””] If you throw a fist, then it’s over as quick as throwin’ a choke submission: I’m Forrest Griffin. Then go and ship him when I’m done boxin’ Gin like prohibition. So don’t give him the battle on how loud he spits, or how he gets all rowdy when he’s shouting. It don’t ever count; it just amounts to this. Cuz I just finished this bitch in the first round on some Ronda Rousey shit. [/su_quote]

Big Kannon vs. JC

[su_quote cite=”Big Kannon (watch it)” url=””] Now dude, stop. Give me one reason why you the king at this. You only kill when you battling bums, that’s when you seem to spit. So now he’s the Ice Cube of the group, and my meanin’ is Cuz you get no credit for writin’ all that Eazy shit. [/su_quote]

Raptor vs. Tony D

[su_quote cite=”Raptor (watch it)” url=””]You’ve got your wires crossed, and it’s gonna lead to the shock of your life. Cuz guess what Tony? You ain’t battlin’ Tommy this time. I’ll fight you’s all, one at a time. Cuz I’ll swallow blood before I swallow my pride. Never back down. So try and chat or fight back until I get knocked out or die, cuz me and Tommy ain’t alike. Cuz see, unlike Unan, I actually got the bottle to war wit’ you. Plus, I ain’t gonna send shots from behind a closed door, like Oscar Pistorius.[/su_quote]

Tony D vs. Raptor

[su_quote cite=”Tony D (watch it)” url=””]Cuz I been here forever, maybe a couple minutes more. LEVELS SO HIGH, if I ever fell off, I’d never hit the floor. But this is war, that’s why you bound to lose. Cuz they comparin’ skill differences. Shit, this a matter of ALTITUDE. I had to STEP DOWN for you, I mean, from my MOUNTAIN view to help you CLIMB to this PEAK. At least, that’s what it’s amountin’ to. [/su_quote]