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URL Double Impact

Until the last year or so, two-on-two battles were largely a thing of the past that mostly still only existed within the fringes of battle rap, but by taking on countless teams and adding a high level of theatricality to the two-on-two scene, DNA and K-Shine have helped to reestablish an interest in this form of battling. Now, URL looks to take things to the next level for “doubles” battle rap with Double Impact, which is possibly the first major event to feature a card made up of all two-on-two…

Other Leagues

RBE Starting 5

Over the last few years, there has been a major shift to where the vast majority of battles are no longer judged, so when RBE recently announced that its upcoming event, Starting 5 (going down Saturday, February 27, 2016), will feature five matches which will all be judged, it seems like that should be enough to already catch the attention of fans. In addition to the matches being judged though…


KOTD Blackout 6ix Predictions

KOTD’s mystery event, Blackout 6ix, makes its return this weekend (19th-20th of February 2016), and with all of the battlers now announced, we’ve put together our predictions for which battlers will face each other at the event. For anyone not yet familiar with the Blackout format, KOTD has been steadily releasing video announcements for the individual battlers who will be battling at Blackout 6ix, while the fans will not know who will face whom until…