Calicoe vs. Tay Roc

[su_quote cite=”Calicoe (watch it)” url=””]Smack told me I gotta get back in my old bag for the win. I said, ‘The one we gon be draggin him in?’ I ain’t sayin’ no disrespect my niggas, go ahead and handle your career, but these niggas the wrong niggas and they may handle it from here. My advice: take everything and handle it wit care; Jumanji, one wrong roll and them animals appear.[/su_quote]

Charlie Clips vs. Loaded Lux

[su_quote cite=”Charlie Clips (watch it)” url=””]You left battle rap, and I held us down. But ya’ll quick to welcome him home without the door mat. Hey, what his résumé like? He beat Miles, he beat Cal, who gives a fuck? We don’t condone that. You lost to Mook and Hollow, O-Red got a better résumé than you nigga, and now we know that. So it’s like Fabolous spellin’ his name, cuz U should be where O at. I’m killin’ scrap. Right now, there’s a nigga paralyzed watchin’ the pay-per-view like ‘Oh, I’m feelin’ that.’[/su_quote]

Loaded Lux vs. Charlie Clips

[su_quote cite=”Loaded Lux (watch it)” url=””]This is what happens when these niggas get creatively FAMISHED and can’t manage it. They mental FEEDS be fishin’ cuz they ain’t bred (BREAD) for this type of MEAT, but you can hook up the SANDWICHES. I mean look, you got whatever advantages, could be damages. Standin’ in your lobby, I’m thinkin’ how he put his rounds together; that’s a sign that nigga outie (Audi), I’ve been plannin’ this. I rap (wrap) circles around a body; nigga you lucky, it could be bandages.[/su_quote]

Iron Solomon vs. Daylyt

[su_quote cite=”Iron Solomon (watch it)” url=””]All that I need’s a rhyme book and a beat. And I’m cookin’ wit heat, I’ll butcher this beef. Dog, this cat food, the type of pussy I eat. On the real (reel), you fishin’, catch a hook in your cheek. I’m the medicine man when you look to get leaked. An NY in front of Quill will put him to sleep. [/su_quote]

Illmaculate vs. Pat Stay

[su_quote cite=”Illmaculate (watch it)” url=””]He uses his mass to his advantage, it’s a method he’s devised. His rounds are full of power poses, it’s all misdirection as he hides. Take up more space, displayin’ dominance in our perception, but it’s lies. Cuz I’m an artist like Donatello; he’s more like Raphael though, his only weapon is his size (sais).[/su_quote]