Rosenberg Raw vs. DNA

[su_quote cite=”Rosenberg Raw (watch it)” url=””]But on some real shit, when niggas disrespect your mom and say she mentally disabled, I think that shit whack. So me disrespecting your moms, you can forget that. See, my problem is wit your pops and off of this fact: if your mom mentally disabled, why would he hit that? Forget that.[/su_quote]

Chilla Jones vs. Prep

[su_quote cite=”Chilla Jones (watch it)” url=””]I need answers. How I’mma lose to a dude who be rappin’ GOOFY? Prep, I’m nice with the poker, honest (POCAHONTAS). I’ll leave you INSIDE OUT for actin’ rudely. Intestines TANGLED, against the wall, he (WALL-E) FROZEN when I smack his coofie. Cuz you a lad in (ALADDIN) a bow tie, claimin’ you strapped with uzis. Stop lyin’ king (LION KING), before a shot go bam behind (BAMBI) your black Suzuki. The CARS UP and BOLT as soon as I give this rat a toolie (RATATOUILLE). [/su_quote]

Big Kannon & Young Kannon vs. Real Deal & Fresco

[su_quote cite=”Big Kannon & Young Kannon (watch it)” url=””]No, tell ‘em what your weapon is. Me? Shit, I got the 9. Well me, knife, fuckin’ stabbed in the neck; that’s a white collar crime. Them beatin’ us? Ya’ll out ya’ll mind? The only time white boys were in the class with Kannons was Columbine. [/su_quote]

Psycoses vs. JC

[su_quote cite=”Psycoses (watch it)” url=””]I’ve gotten more people bodied with ink than Yakuza tats. You haven’t seen a challenger get ripped apart this bad since that NASA ship blew and crashed. So lose the act and tryin’ to appear too raw. You’re the most animated bitch pretendin’ to be a soldier since Disney premiered Mulan.[/su_quote]

Danja Zone vs. Daylyt

[su_quote cite=”Danja Zone (watch it)” url=””]My name ain’t Tyrone, so I’ma start this round with ‘Fuck this battle, I’m here to fuck your wife.’ Nigga, I will give her face all that pipe. She stay wit me, she gettin’ her skull fucked all at night. You remember the face Ali made when Sonny Liston lost that fight? Well, she gonna hafta do that to get her jaw back right.[/su_quote]