Chilla Jones vs. Prep

[su_quote cite=”Chilla Jones (watch it)” url=””]I need answers. How I’mma lose to a dude who be rappin’ GOOFY? Prep, I’m nice with the poker, honest (POCAHONTAS). I’ll leave you INSIDE OUT for actin’ rudely. Intestines TANGLED, against the wall, he (WALL-E) FROZEN when I smack his coofie. Cuz you a lad in (ALADDIN) a bow tie, claimin’ you strapped with uzis. Stop lyin’ king (LION KING), before a shot go bam behind (BAMBI) your black Suzuki. The CARS UP and BOLT as soon as I give this rat a toolie (RATATOUILLE). [/su_quote]

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